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Bike and Hike 2017

Picture a line of motorcycles heading west into the mountainous landscape armed with fuel, tents, sleeping bags and marshmallows. A combination of adrenaline enhanced twisties and moonlight campfires. It smells like peace on two wheels.The quest begins with a thought. It does not matter what cycle you ride, it only matters that your heart beats for the adventure that awaits. So find that tent, that sleeping bag and favorite marshmallow stick and begin to dream of stratospheric scenic views compounded with wilderness wonders that reside beyond the horizon.

“Motorcycle adventures are the perfect antidote to middle age.”
― Alex Morritt, Impromptu Scribe

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Beach (2)

Here are some photos I took while working in Maine and New Hampshire over the last few weeks. I love the beach, even in the winter. My suggestion, go find a beach and watch the sun as it rises beyond the horizon. Let your mind drift while you listen to the waves sing their majestic melody. It’s a song filled with splashing dreams and wondrous sounds. I walked the beach for a predawn sojourn the other day and my gift was a most splendid peaceful sunrise. Despite the chill, the experience was absolutely amazing. It was glacial cold but I did not even notice because the sunrise took me away from myself. Sometimes all we need is just a little change in scenery.

Beach and Faris