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Adventure Riding Near Sylvan State Park in Colorado

Barber Motorsports Park

Incredible Museums should be cherished and loved; Motorcycle Museums should be memorialized.  I would call  Barber Motorsports Museum a Two Wheeled Shrine of epic proportions.  Plan a trip there if feasible and make it a priority.

Frozen Traces of Carnage and the Moment of Slowness


A few days ago, I got my cycle out for a short jaunt.  It was a sunny February day and the snow had melted and there was no ice on the roads, it felt safe to ride.  Given the melancholy bleakness of winter, it felt like a hot summer August day.  Weather can be a matter of perspective.  I went to school in Buffalo, NY where it rained and or snowed 6 days of the week.  Snow drifts the size of houses are a normal occurrence in Western, NY and the snow will last from November through March.  This Sunny February day felt like the Bahamas but the reality was that it was about 40 degrees.

It felt good to ride again.  I recently did a bunch of maintenance on my ride and she felt nimble and ready to pounce.  As I was rounding a corner, I saw a golf course sprinkler system watering the greens.  There was a brisk westerly wind pushing tiny droplets of water away from the golf course and onto the road.  I automatically knew that given the temperature outside that the mist accumulating on cold tarmac would translate into a caustic situation.  The fact that I was riding on a brand new front tire did not help the situation (Always Be Careful on New Tires).  I was already in the curve and without thinking, I tried to upright my bike before going into the wet pavement because I felt that it may be ice.  I am not right often but this time I was, that golf course sprinkler mist turned that corner into black ice carnage.

As soon as I hit the patch of water, I felt my tires sliding out of control and that is when my brain went into slow motion.  It’s like you’re thinking in normal speed but everything in your environment is moving at a snail pace.  This has not happened to me since Iraq.  In combat situations, sometimes things just slow down.  Do you remember in the movie Saving Private Ryan when Tom Hanks is on Omaha Beach on D-Day and everything just goes in slow motion, that is what it was like.

The funny thing is the first thought in my mind was the safety of my new Bell Helmet.  It’s such a gorgeous helmet and the thought of it bouncing off the road chipping paint was just to horrific to contemplate.  Then I thought of wanting steak and eggs with white toast, eggs done over easy fashion.  Then I pondered my wife’s reaction, she would be so angry at me.  I imagined being in a coma and having my wife lecture me for 43 hours straight on the dangers of motorcycling.  Trapped in a coma listening to anti motorcycling propaganda sounded almost as bad as damaging my new slick painted retro lid.  My last thought I remembered was hoping the dogs would be ok outside if I did not make it home till my kids got back from school.  The beasts are inside dogs and it was a little chilly and hoped they would not be cold.

Then as soon as it happened the cycle righted its self and I was off the ice driving safely forward.  The moment lasted less than a second but it felt like 4 minutes.

After further reflection, I am not sure about my contemplative priorities while getting ready to crash on the motorway.  Luckily the crash never happened but it makes me think that we could all be only one second away from a life changing moment.  Cherish the time you have on two wheels when you can get it and always let your loved ones know how much you care for them.

I don’t fear crashing as much as I fear not being able to ride.


Jasper The Dog

Jasper the Dog


A smile on four paws,

Looked like a Muppet,

So ugly she was cute,

Always happy to see me,

And sad to watch me leave,

Mischievous but kind,

She knew when I was sad,

Made me happy when I was blue,

Followed me everywhere,

Car rides made her day,

Always cleaned up the floor after our meals,

Protected our family with a radical bark,

Was only 15 pounds but thought she was a lion,

Never complained, Never Sad, Always a Friend

I lost a 13-year-old puppy a few days ago.  She was a true friend and companion.  She was part of our family and will truly be missed.  Jasper was a big smile and a sloppy kiss, wrapped up in a black shaggy skinny body.  Jasper I miss you and will see you down range.

Biker Mascot


biker mascotWhen my kids were born, my wife made a decision to not ride on the motorcycle until they were self-sufficient and no longer in need of our parental support.  I cannot second guess her maternal instincts but would be lying if I told you I agreed whole hardheartedly with her decision.  For her, it’s a safety concern that has a direct impact on her children and there is no argument that will change a mother’s mind when it comes to the betterment of her kids.  So now I find myself without my lovely bride when I ride and I do miss her.  That by no means has kept me off my cycle, in actuality; I have found sublime joy in my two-wheel solace. In many ways, riding alone brings one closer to the experience. The road is your passenger and the wind becomes the conversation of the day.  As much as I like riding alone, over the last few months, I have been dwelling upon bringing a Biking Mascot along for the ride.  This is not an original thought by any means.  Out on the road, I have seen dogs and cats travel with their owners on motorcycles. The strangest animal I witnessed was a large iguana that looked better than most bikers on the cycle and could most likely ride better as well.  I’m actually surprised I have not seen any pet monkeys riding shot-gun or maybe a ferret.  For me, there would be only one choice for a mascot, my dog.  I do not have a sidecar so the only way to go about it would be to somehow mount an enclosed kennel onto the cycle.  I’m sure this can be a feasible proposition and one that I will research a bit more.  I guess the important thing is that whatever mascot a biker chooses, that the mascot enjoys riding as much as the driver.  In reality what dog wouldn’t enjoy hitting the open road?