An Every Man’s Adventure Bike


Life is leading me towards one new Motorcycle and I can’t stop thinking about it.  The 2018 Royal Enfield Himalaya haunts my brain while I am awake and my dreams while I sleep.  Last night I awoke in a feverish sweat from a radical dream.  In the vision, I was being chased by a King Kong size rodent with bunny ears.  Luckily the mythical beast could not catch me as I raced around large shrubbery on my trusted Royal Enfield Himalaya. 

Over the last few years I have followed this cycle as it was first sold in India and then later retailed to parts of Europe and Australia.  I admit, there have been a few quality hiccups along the way, but Royal Enfield has been tweaking their manufacturing control measures to resolve these problems. From the research that I have read on-line, the initial glitches have been worked out after the first production year that the cycle was sold.  I have never been an advocate of buying a first-year model even with quality obsessed Japanese based Motorcycles.  The American Launch of the Himalaya in the Spring of 2018 will represent the 3rd Phase of Royal Enfield’s Distribution Plan and I hope the gremlins will have been fully worked out before it hits American Roads. 

I have never ridden this motorcycle, but I love what it represents.  It embodies freedom from pavement, freedom from dept, freedom from economic forces that keeps modest adventure riders from dirt trails and mountainous fire roads.   With an expected base price of $4499.00, this is an “Every Man’s Adventure Bike! 

Royal Enfield 2018 Himalayan


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7 responses to “An Every Man’s Adventure Bike

  • 650thumper

    Yeah, I like the look of that bike and was disappointed it wasn’t at the Montreal Moto Show. Was going to pitch it to my son. My only concern is the range. Have you calculated it?

    • twotiretirade

      The cycle has a 4 gallon tank but I could not find any reliable range estimates for the Fuel Injection System on the American Launch. My guess is around 200 miles depending on the conditions. I would carry around a couple of additional fuel containers for sure.

      • 650thumper

        Yeah, that’s pretty much what I calculated: 200-250. I’ve read that it may be okay for touring in Europe and Asia, but once you get into the large open spaces of N.A. you’re going to run into trouble. But as you say, there are ways around that, including riding with a buddy who has a large tank. Love the crash bars on that bike!

  • sullybiker

    I like bikes that don’t have silly amounts of power and are relatively simple. This looks like one of them.

    • twotiretirade

      Its weird after I turned 44, I just have no need for a ton of speed. What interests me is simplicity and comfort. The bike just looks comfortable.

      • sullybiker

        We’re the same age. I think when you’re a little older you don’t seek out the buzz so much, but I am quite certain you ride quicker as you look for refining technique everywhere rather than just twisting the juice handle.

        There’s a lot of speed in ‘slower’ bikes, most people just don’t bother trying to find it.

      • twotiretirade

        My favorite cycle saying , ” I would rather ride a slow bike fast then a fast bike slow any day of the week”…

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