A Scent on a Frigid Cold Ride

It got above freezing last week so I took the opportunity to go for a ride. It is rare this time of year that there are no ice patches on the roads. If you have a chance to exploit Old Man Winters grip on this place then you need to take it. As I drove my Honda along, I smelled a scent reminiscent of a winter’s hike up Mt. Evens in Colorado that I trekked more than decade ago. A strange déjà vu kind of moment struck me which was brought upon by this snowy scent. Physically I was on my bike but mentally I was transported from my motorcycle directly into the memory of a winter hike up a mountain which I took a long time ago. Then as quickly as the recollection came, it was over and I was back on of my motorcycle scanning west along the mountains. This is the third time in my life that a smell has caused such a dramatic mental recollection. It’s like certain scents have the ability to directly “Main Line” your conscious to a specific memory from ones past. Along with the reminiscence of the moment come the feelings associated with that memory which make the memory that much more dramatic and fresh. For that split second I was there and back again. It was a rather surreal refection on a specific moment from my past and I am thankful for its recall. As I write this short blog, I am reminded that it’s great to remember the past but I never want to lose focus upon the creation of new memories and adventures which will occur in the future. Hopefully all of you find all that you’re looking for in 2017. Keep Safe, Ride Hard and Be Well!


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Keeping the faith of fanatics who feel fired up for anything motorcycles. It’s all about the journey and the philosophy of riding on two wheels. Let’s bring alive the truly unique culture of motorcycling and never let the ride leave the fibers of our being. View all posts by twotiretirade

15 responses to “A Scent on a Frigid Cold Ride

  • Rajiv

    I have not been on a road trip for a long time… I need to get back onto the road

  • mikemjensen

    One of the pleasures of riding is being connected to the road and all of its sights, sounds, and smells- pleasant or otherwise.

  • Saving My Belly Button Ring

    Hope you find what you are looking for in 2017 too! Good read!

    • twotiretirade

      Have you ever noticed that more often then not the quest is more fun then actually achieving the goal? I used to be so goal oriented and focused to much on the Objective. Now that I am older, I have found to focus less on the objective and do more to enjoy the actions needed to get there. Thanks again for the visit and have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stevie

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your post as well as the flashback of breathing in the spicy scent of a lumber yard on a memorable cold ride I took on one of my favorite loops years ago.

  • curvyroads

    The smells (both good and bad) are a huge part of the riding experience! One of my favorite sayings “Driving a car is like watching a movie, riding a bike is like being in the movie”!

  • Forever Alaskan

    Great piece! I’ve also experienced what I call ‘super memories’ for various sensory input but sound and smell are the two senses responsible for most of such memories. It is amazing to me just how crystal clear and all inclusive said memories are; for those few moments such memories create a reality that is every bit as substantial and substantive as those of everyday living! I’ve read that scent can be the most powerful of the senses because the data flows directly to brain centers whereas the other senses flow through intermediary organs and pathways before getting to the brain. Living with two very olfactory oriented canines (an Alaskan Malamute and a German Shepherd Dog) I can believe this is true as I’ve often seen them appear to enter a heightened state of existence when scenting the local moose and bears. Thanks again for the wonderful piece!

    • twotiretirade

      Alaskan Malamute and a German Shepherd, you got yourself a keen arsenal defending your home. I love big dogs!!! I have two dogs myself. One is an 80lb German Shepherd Mix and the other is a 15lb Jack Russel Mix. They were both rescue dogs and bring the family great joy, entertainment and security. The information you mentioned above makes total sense. The power of smell just does not get the notoriety that our other senses have but its a powerful force . Just ask that skunk you may have scared taking a morning hike.

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