The Loneliest Road in America

The Loneliest Road in America

I have no photos to prove I rode the Loneliest Road in America.  Forgetting to take photos for a two-week ride on my motorcycle has not been my finest moment as an amateur blogger.  Over the same two-week trip, I also forgot to put on pants at a family re-union dinner.  Oh yes, this is a true story.  I walked into the room with a short sleeve shirt, shoes, hat and boxer underwear.  I totally forgot my pants but luckily was wearing white boxer briefs which could almost count as shorts but are definitely classified as underwear.  The whole family noticed my fashion blunder and I will go down in the family history as the dude that forgot his pants at the Family Reunion. Luckily shortly after that incident, I got back on my cycle to ride one of the most majestic roads in North America.  The Loneliest Highway through Nevada is not just a clever name to increase tourism, it is legitimately desolate beyond compare.  Think of the Desert Planet Tatooine in Star Wars and you will have an accurate representation of the isolated motorway.  The Loneliest Highway is part of U.S. Route 50 which starts in Ocean City, Maryland and runs all the way to West Sacramento, California.  Highway 50 has been named the Backbone of America which defines its rural spirit.  The Loneliest Highway is a subsection of this interstate which is located in Nevada.  This stretch of payment is a philosophical bikers dream.  It’s not filled with wondrous curves or insane pathway cliffs but its barren landscape breeds independent free thought.  In the desert, the lines of communication between our consciousness and soul become more linked and primed.  Back in 2003, I lived in the desert in South East Asia for a year.  During this time, I wrote without abandon with more conviction and feeling then I have ever felt.  This could be explained by many reasons but I always thought that the desert environment served as a muse which affected my soul directly leading to my literary expressions.  It could be the open skies, the vivid sunsets, mesmerizing dawns, murderous sun or extreme deadly heat but for some reason, the desert enhances ones own own self perspective. 

For me the Loneliest Highway started near Carson City, Nevada along U.S. Route 50 and ended in Delta, Utah.  If you’re going to ride this isolated route, then be prepared for nothingness.  For the first time in my life, I did my homework.  My research found a limited amount of Gas Stations along the way.  I packed an external gas reservoir, to supplement my small gas tank.  This was absolutely needed and was used on multiple occasions.   Sun block is needed and a lot of it.  With every stop, I applied sun block.   I found that the scent of the lotion much better than my natural odor (showers were limited on my trek).  There are plenty of places to camp for free in National Forest and Bureau of Land Management Property.  Watch out for small desert creatures that can ruin your evening if you choose to sleep under the stars.  I traveled with a foam bed roll, sleeping bag and fully enclosed bivi shelter.  I am a huge wimp; the thought of waking up with a rattlesnake in my sleeping bag or scorpion on my forehead makes the bivi shelter and absolute essential for desert camping.  Don’t be fooled, it may be scorching hot during the day but at night the temperature drops and a sleeping bag is mission critical.  Sitting under the night sky while camping on the Loneliest Highway is one of the most peaceful environments I have ever witnessed.  The sounds of the desert, vast star infested atmosphere and the loneliness of the place, transfixed my emotions and brought me into a dream while still conscious.  It’s a great place to be with one’s self and ponder life’s many conundrums.




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12 responses to “The Loneliest Road in America

  • Rajiv

    I wish you had photos!

    I would have loved to have seen the expression on their faces!

  • michaelpaulcarr

    Great read. I’ll be adding this highway to the list.

  • kelleyshealthytips

    loved this post! Wish you had a photo of the fashion statement! LOL

  • Forever Alaskan

    I empathize with the feelings that being so alone in such a huge expanse can generate; I felt similar while sitting on a large boulder on the south side of the Haul Road (aka AK 11, The Dalton Highway) in Interior Alaska watching the sun set. It was a truly magical experience as though I could see for tens of miles in every direction it was also dead silent; no wind and not even any insect noises. Thanks for the great piece!

    • twotiretirade

      Forecver Alaska, How have you been??? I think that our minds work in similar ways. Hopefully you wont take to much offense to that comment. I love natures pure silence. Keep safe up North. I live in Fort McMurray Canada working in June and July. Its pretty far north. Man, I missed the night when I left.

  • lvsage

    Beautiful! I concur about the desert being a soul-searching inducer. It is a mystical and lonely environment that gets deeps inside you.

    • twotiretirade

      Ivsage- I love to visit the Desert and get in touch with that part of my mind that I dont find often. With that said, I am not sure I would want to live in the desert full time. That can be a tough life. Thanks again for visiting, your always welcome!!

  • LB

    i just read through your last 3 posts, and enjoyed them very much.
    And while I’d love to see photos, I actually like the fact that you rode, explored, and lived in the moment.
    And you made me chuckle with your underware story (or lack thereof) 🙂

    • twotiretirade

      Its actually a pretty embarrassing story but I figure that I am much better off Owning It rather then hiding it. Funny stuff happens, I wish they filmed it, I would have sent it to America’s Funniest Home Videos. Riding and exploring are my favorite activities, that is the stuff that keeps us kicking and vibrant. Now you got me thinking that I need to take a ride over the weekend, oh yes, it will happen…

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