I Smell a Troll

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Winter has arrived in glorious fashion.  The rays of the sun, no longer share their warmth embrace and the evening spreads an ill faded scourge of darkness over the land.  There is just something bad about waking up and going to work in the dark.  Its worst when I depart work on the same day and the sun is setting.  Missing daylight just ruins my whole day.  The bleak situation is compounded by the fact that black ice is keeping me from getting on my cycle to ride.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays but the lack of sunshine and the inability to ride just makes me cranky.  I refuse to give into the negative vibes this may cause.  Just a few days ago, I was in line with this cranky dude.  His whole demeanor was just sour.  If this guy had a magical ferry fly out of his butt and grant him 3 wishes he would complain that he did not have enough wishes.   This guy was giving off such negative energy, I actually moved back a few spaces in line to rid myself of his adverse stench.  I definitely believe that having a foul attitude is contagious and I do whatever possible to stay away from people absorbed in it.  I wanted to be like, “dude if you’re so miserable then do whatever it takes to be happy”.  Why live such a miserable existence?

It got me thinking of a new book idea.  Call it the Motorcyclist Survivors Guide to the Cycle Armageddon.   It would be an instructional manual for bikers to live a fruitful life if they find themselves away from their motorcycle for an extended period of time.  Someone else will need to write this b/c the thought of it is too depressing to ponder.



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7 responses to “I Smell a Troll

  • windtogo.wordpress.com

    I love your idea for a book, put me down for a copy of the first edition.
    “Motorcyclist Survivors Guide to the Cycle Armageddon”

    • twotiretirade

      The thought of not being around my cycle is to depressing to contemplate; so writing this epic journal is impossible. It is kind of sad to think that there are folks out there that find that they cant ride a motorcycle. Health issues, financial dilemmas and other such woes lead to people without a bike. I honestly may have a hard time dealing with that issue. It is a huge fear of mine. That is why I have always bought my bikes in cash. If I loose my job, hopefully I can still keep my cycle…

  • bikermissus

    Great post. We had our first significant snowfall here a couple of nights ago, so sneaking in “one last ride” is farther from the realm of possibility. I think instruction #1 should be “Dress appropriately for weather conditions and spend as much time outdoors as your schedule allows, all the better if you can do so during daylight hours.” Never underestimate the power of sunshine and fresh air 🙂

  • Forever Alaskan

    So many folks are caught in this trap of their own making; most of us already know we are our own worst enemies 99% of the time. Shaking a negative mood can take time and involves lots of practice but just like the muscles in our bodies practice does build up one’s ability to firstly recognize a negative impact and secondly to kinda step outside ourselves and then look back and question; “What is causing this negative energy that is washing through me?”. Nine times out of ten one comes to realize it is we, ourselves, at the root. But there are so many people wandering around carrying so much negativity yet clueless on how or why. I see this as a major issue for the upcoming generation who seems to want to accept no responsibility for their actions and seeks to blame others or just ‘fate’. ‘Attitude really is everything’ but it takes work and time to cultivate a positive outlook which is the first step to shedding our mainly self-generated negativity…

    • twotiretirade

      Forever Alaskan- Let me just say, I have missed our talks. Honestly you always have something totally cool to say and I love your comments/replies.

      I have said it for a long time, “find me a miserable person, and I will show you an individual who hates themselves” .

      With that said, I have found MEAN people who actually love themselves way beyond recognition. Some people don’t recognize the difference between mean and miserable.

      One can fix miserable but Mean is not that easy to remedy.

  • LB

    So when you DO write that book :-), I’ll buy it!
    Good for you for moving away from the negativity in line.
    Hope to get on the bike for even a bit this weekend!

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