Every Day Should be Veterans Day

We live in the microcosms of our own lives, and we rarely self reflect on the ills of our fellow man. Every day we should think about those less fortunate than ourselves and hopefully take action to assist others in need. On November 11th we celebrate the service of our Veterans. It is my belief that Veterans should be honored on a daily basis not just once a year.
Veterans Day gets its history from the end of World War I. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the Germans signed an Armistice to end the war, which was supposed to end all wars.
Legislation was passed in 1938 to make Armistice Day a National Holiday dedicated to the cause of world peace and gave tribute to World War I Veterans as well. In 1954, the United States officially made Armistice Day into Veterans Day.
Veterans Day is a special time to remember deceased veterans as well as thank and honor living veterans who served honorably in the military. Memorial Day honors service members who died in service to their country.


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4 responses to “Every Day Should be Veterans Day

  • twotonebiker

    If we celebrated everyday I would never get sober, I honor veterans everyday by helping a recently discharged vet adjust. I am the person that has taken him under my wing and I do not take that lightly. that is how I celebrate daily!
    Happy trails and smile somebody loves you.

  • Forever Alaskan

    Without question ‘we the people’ should be honoring our veterans every waking moment; for without their sacrifices and efforts we would not have the freedom we cherish and the comfortable lifestyles we embrace. To all serving or those who have served I say simply this; “Thank you for your commitment, your sacrifice and your resolution! Your nation could not survive without your efforts and we can never hope to truly reward you for your sacrifice and blood. God Speed!”

  • motormouth

    let us not forget the wifes and children from the vets in southeastasia that are getting fucked over by the us embassy due to iliteracy and paperwork they dont understand.Its disgraceful of usa goverment how you treat the people that have and is fighting and the families that go along every vet that come home or live abroad should be treated as heroes because in the end of the day we keyboard warriors have never been takin flak or bullets.you americans should demand from your goverment that this should happen no more vets on the streets shame on you

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