Why Do You Love Motorcycling?

Love to Rid Shirt

Why do you love to ride?  This question has been answered by millions of writers, enthusiast and bloggers throughout the last one hundred years. Songs have been inspired by the subject as well as movies made; all based upon our shared love of motorcycles. For me, the thought of the question never loses its luster. There is no wrong answer to why you love our two wheeled sport. As long as your personal reason is heartfelt, then no one can ever judge your response. The best part of this question is the desire amongst some of us to express it with such conviction and enthusiasm. The percentage of us who actually ride motorcycles is relatively few but our passion manifest its self throughout society. Yes it’s cool to be a motorcyclist but those of us who are really connected to riding care little of such trifle things. I am just another over weight middle aged balding dude who happens to ride a motorcycle but once I get on that cycle, life changes. When that engine starts my brain transcends reality. I no longer think about work deadlines, spreadsheets, mean people or silly little worries that hinder the soul. The sound of the engine drowns out all that negativity and life begins a new as the RPMs sky rocket down the road.
As we live our lives, we often get stuck in the quagmire of foolish discontent. For example, today I found a leak in my garage. There is a water leak around my chimney and I need to get it fixed. This was a real downer for me. The worry of the cost to stop the leak and to fix the interior damage stresses me and takes me down a notch. This worry is a legitimate concern and I have a responsibility to fix this issue for the welfare of my family. The problem becomes more of an issue because I will hyperfocus on this leak in my garage and if not careful will let this burden lead down a path of discontent. The cure is a ride on my cycle. Being on two wheels has the inherent ability to level set my consciousness and bounces me to a better place. When I am riding, I am no longer worried about bills and problems at home/work. All my attention is focused on listening to the sounds of the road. This is a two way conversation between your soul and environment around you. Our minds are so much attuned to the outside world because we are astutely aware of how much were exposed to the dangers of the world while on a cycle. It’s this feeling of exposure which is the reason for my love of motorcycling. There is something about putting oneself out there that make you feel the passion of life. Have you noticed that your sense of smell and hearing and sight are much more vibrant while riding? Once I get in that saddle, my awareness level peaks. It’s not exactly the same but I had a similar feeling while being deployed in combat scenarios in the Army. Ones senses just goes into overdrive and you feel that rush. That feeling is what drives me crazy about motorcycling but its more than that. When I am riding, I feel some sort of connection to the pathway set before me. So the road is not just a predestined route, it becomes integral part of the journey and is an extension of you and your motorcycle. Chasing adrenaline is part of my motorcycling experience but only a small part. Its more about that spiritual Zen like state that becomes you while riding.
Why do you love to Ride?

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Keeping the faith of fanatics who feel fired up for anything motorcycles. It’s all about the journey and the philosophy of riding on two wheels. Let’s bring alive the truly unique culture of motorcycling and never let the ride leave the fibers of our being. View all posts by twotiretirade

7 responses to “Why Do You Love Motorcycling?

  • Texas Rambler

    Great read and so true…
    Yep, you are right about that question and people who have tried to answer it, including myself. This was my answer…

  • Wendy

    So here’s an odd answer…I see riders pass me by, and I want to be there too.
    When I’m taking sharp curves in my car, I imagine I’m on my bike; and I imagine how I would take that curve, I imagine the lean, the acceleration as I come through the turn and how the wind would feel in my face.
    Bike is in my future right now. But I’m looking forward, and never forgetting what I need to pay attention to on the road.

    • twotiretirade

      Sometimes thinking about riding can be as relaxing as actually riding. I live in Buffalo for 10 years and could not ride in the winter. I pondered the art of riding often while stuck in a snow drift. Keep us informed on your upcoming new ride!

  • twotonebiker

    For me it’s the views and smells (Good and bad ones), the cedar trees, flowers in bloom, cattle and farms, wildlife, and views that I’d miss in the cage; they always surprise me.
    Happy trails and smile somebody loves you!
    Two Tone Biker

  • Ze Deckster

    I loved driving from the time I was 16 and took my first trip to Arbys. However, I loved working on cars a ton more than driving. Motorcycling? Finally, something as fun to ride as it is to work on.

    You know how sometimes you get that vehicle with the stick shift that’s really hard to drive smoothly? And you love driving it and getting better at it and you never stop improving on how well you can drive it? Motorcycling brings that feeling to ALL aspects of driving–not just shifting, or changes in acceleration. It’s a continuous learning experience.

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