Can We Do Better- Veterans Losing at Home

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Supporting our Veterans should be the responsibility of every citizen who lives in our country. It should not be left to our Government or Non-Profit entities alone; it should be sewn in the fabric of who we are as a society. Have you ever heard people pound their chest about “Supporting the Troops” but show zero action on the issue? “Supporting Our Troops” is not about verbal lip service, it’s about taking an active role in helping and assisting those who Serve or have Served.
I have never been one who believes in statistics because they are often misleading and used for some type of agenda or scheme. I try to use common sense, research, impartial views and conversations with others to be analytics which steer my moral compass. With that said, the recent alarming statistic of 22 Veterans dying of Suicide daily is overwhelmingly heart breaking and can’t be ignored. To be honest, I did not need some statistic to inform me of this travesty. It’s in the obituaries and the veteran’s blogs who share their stories of inner conflict.
If you really care about “Supporting the Troops” then actively participate in taking care of them when they come home. There is nothing wrong with giving to a non-profit on the matter but getting your hands dirty is where we can really impact the net results. Find something you can do, to enrich and empower a Veteran. It’s not about a handout or free rides, it’s about truly caring and forming relationships that matter. This is how we create real change. What can you do for a Veteran? The answer is anything that makes a difference. Use your own skills and innate abilities to help those who once took an oath to defend you.

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4 responses to “Can We Do Better- Veterans Losing at Home

  • Newbie Alaskan

    Yes, yes, yes..!!! Talking the talk but not walking the walk is blatant hypocrisy! I give monthly to the Wounded Warrior Project and try to donate $200+ to the Snowball Express annually; they support the families of our vets. During the Gulf Wars I stuffed packages with the travel sized containers of necessities, wrote letters to service folks and assisted with cleaning and maintaining veteran’s cemeteries. I also utilize the ‘Cup ‘O Joe for a Joe’ website to arrange coffee for active duty troops in the field on holidays. Regardless, it never seems like enough. As country we owe our vets a huge debt we can never hope to repay and that’s why when I hear some of the horror stories regarding our brave men and women not getting even basic care I become so angry. Regarding statistics a mentor of mine once told me; “figures don’t lie but liars figure”. All too true..!!

  • twotiretirade

    Newbie Alaska- “”””figures don’t lie but liars figure””” I love that quote for all sorts of reasons. I will take my gut over statistics any day of the week.

    I love all the volunteering activities that you have performed over the years. Your diverse efforts really do show that anyone can volunteer in a variety of efforts.

  • twotonebiker

    welcome home my Brother. Thank you for your service, great insight
    Happy trails and smile somebody loves you

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