Running Out of Gas in Wyoming

Devils Tower 3

Devils Tower

Have you ever been alone? I don’t mean feeling alone, I mean being in a location without anyone or anything else around. It’s an eerie feeling but one that everyone should have every so often. Last week I took a trip out to Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower and Bad Lands National Monument. While driving through Wyoming there was this location which was totally desolate. There was no cell phone reception, no buildings, no people or no trees. The only things around were a cool strong breeze and a view which stretched as far as the eye could see. It was desolate and lonely but yet peaceful. I lived in a desert for a year oversees and found that there was a subtle beauty to the vast emptiness. The desolate environment has a way of transforming ones senses as a way to camouflage  the bleakness of the landscape. Every noise is more loud and every color more vibrant. The wind actually has the power to chant an impressive verse which tells its own story of the countryside. There is power in truly being alone without the comforts of technology. Society and the ways of the world often have a corruptive influence to our morals and beliefs. Maybe we all should take a few days to be away from it all to reflect upon all that is most important.

The photos are of Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower and Bad Lands National Park which I took last week. If you get a chance to go, I would highly recommend. I am sure to go back.

Mount Rushmore 3

Mount Rushmore

It was actually Bad Lands National Park which took my breath away.  I cannot begin to explain its breath of scope so I wont even try.




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11 responses to “Running Out of Gas in Wyoming

  • kierk1

    Beautiful! I know that exact spot out near Devils Tower! Please keep sharing!

  • nwroadrat

    Devil’s Towner…one of these days.

    • twotiretirade

      I love living in Colorado so I can visit places such as this in a short few day trip. The 2.8 mile hike around Devil’s Tower is the Stuff That Makes It Worth the Trip. Watch out for ticks, we found two after our hike.

  • Scott

    It is a special experience to leave civiliation in one’s wake. I’ve done it in West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It makes lasting memories.

    • twotiretirade

      I wonder how long it will be when people just cant take a drive to get away from civilization. There just seems to be so much growth and its just so quick. I love all three of those states. My favorite towns name in in New Mexico. “Truth or Consequences”, New Mexico.

  • bikermissus

    Spectacular. I think I may have to add Badlands National Park to my “bike-it” list. I agree with your sentiments as well…I’m fortunate that I can escape the city and civilization very easily here. I grew up in a very barren area – similar to arctic tundra – a place I compare to the desert. Bleak, desolate and at times very cruel but if you stop for a moment and take in the entire surroundings you find that it’s uniquely beautiful.

    Wonderful post.

    • twotiretirade

      Thank you for your kind words. Please go see, Bad Lands National Park. Camp there if possible, it really did take my breath away. The canyons came out of no where like a mystic ghost ship comes from the fog. It was so cool to see.

  • Newbie Alaskan

    You’ve done a yeoman’s job in expressing the mystery and wonder of truly being alone in the great outdoors in so few words!! One of the reasons I chose Alaska as my retirement location was the abundance of wide open spaces devoid of all things humankind. It is dangerously easy to find one’s self completely cut off from all means of communication; this is part of the reason the number one killer of humans in ‘The Great Land’ is exposure. But being truly alone in the boreal forests with just Nature is an incredible experience and, in my mind, something all humans need to experience to truly continue to grow. It’s also something I see less and less as our culture becomes more wedded to wireless communications. I believe this is a mistake but then I also acknowledge at almost 62 years of age I’m hardly on the forefront of ‘modern’ thinking..! Thanks for the insight and for sharing the gorgeous images!!

    • twotiretirade

      Newbie Alaska- The great empty spaces of where you live is One of many reasons I need to visit your new state. With all the “Alaskan” shows on Discovery about Alaska, I bet there will be many city folk heading your way. Its awesome that you beat them there.

      It must of took a bit of courage for you to leave it all behind and make a new home in a foreign place. I bet the true motivation was a dream unfulfilled which propelled you forward. Courage is a necessity but a DREAM is the game changer which makes magic happen. Good on you for making your vision a reality.

      I wonder if technology will stifle dreams or make them more tangible. At the end of the day, it will be up to the individual to filter out the noise of the digital landscape to formulate their own nirvana. Some will be clouded by such obstacles while others may harness technology to let them climb to the stars.

      I think the biggest threat is the facade of “A Good Life” that this digital age may create. Can one live truly be happy through a computer screen? I myself have been caught in this trap. Time will tell I guess but if anything history has taught us is that some will adapt and others will degrade.

  • cindysowden

    Badlands is totally cool. I’ve been there, but not on a bike.

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