1000 Miles in 24 Hours, A Great Way to See Colorado


Adventure 1

Just signed up for Colorado Classic 1000 on June 20-21, 2015. The event is being put on by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado. Motorcycling one thousand miles in 24 hours through the Colorado Rockies, how could I say no? Completing an Iron Butt Association, SaddleSore Event has been something I wanted to do for a while. A few years ago I was on my 700th mile when my Harley decided to rupture an oil seal which sidelined my efforts. I was a sad panda that fateful day but my failure was only a temporary setback. Completing the Colorado Classic 1000 will not only be a challenge but will be filled with awe-inspiring scenery which will highlight the sublime beauty of Colorado. This is a perfect place to challenge one’s self in an epic long distance jaunt. My Yamaha FJR is not as comfortable as my old Harley but it has cornering characteristics which will excite the dead. The key will be to prepare for the physical endurance aspect of the ride which I am currently doing with my fitness program. If I keep up with my training, I should be definitely be prepared physically for this event. The rally is more than 6 months away but I am so psyched.

If you’re interested in riding in this event sign up fast. The Colorado Classic 1000 only accepts 60 riders on a first come, first serve basis. Even know it’s put on by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado, you don’t need a BMW Cycle to participate in the event. Any motorcycle will do. Once more cool thing is it’s an Iron Butt Association sanctioned event, so it’s a bit easier to get your SaddleSore 1000 Certificate of Completion compared to doing it on your own.


It does bring up a good question, why would anyone want to ride 1000 miles in 24 hours? It’s not like it will be a comfortable journey, not to mention the goal will stretch ones ability to endure. A rider must fight off fatigue and complacency. It’s easy on a long trip to wander off and day-dream which can be perilous on a mountain road while riding in low light. For me, it’s about taking on a challenge which is not easy while blending that goal with my love of motorcycling. The thought of it gets my adrenaline flowing. Long rides by their very nature tend to help us get away from the ugliness of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love short rides as well but a journey that has some distance lets me relax and puts me at ease. The people who would be interested in such an activity as well interest me. These are motorcyclist which will have similar perspectives and riding habits as myself. It should make for a pleasant quirky adventure.

Adventure 2


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