Squash It


It was a cold ride today in Colorado. When I took off my boots today after my two-wheeled jaunt, I half expected my toes to have fallen off. Luckily they remained on my feet, right where I left them. I did not even notice how cold my feet were till I got to my destination. Once the cycles engine stopped purring, I was like “wow, I’m freezing”. It’s funny because I did not notice till the ride was finished. Our minds are a powerful force and have an innate ability to filter out all sorts of environmental feedback to keep us progressing forward. My mind today was thinking that I really needed to be out riding on my cycle, so it did not recognize I was cold until the ride was done.

I love the quote from Act 2, Scene 2 of Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” As much as our minds can filter out the negative noise they can also do the same for positive thoughts and perspectives from our environment. It seems to be a two-way street and it’s up to us to somehow manipulate our brain’s filter, so we can maintain a positive world perspective. In life we can easily slip down a dark negative pattern of thought and when this occurs, it can be hard to train your brain to look at the bright side of life.

By no means am I a psychologist but I did learn a trick early in life that can help with controlling negative thoughts in our minds. Back in the military when I was going through tough times and I wanted to quit, I used a visualization technique to help control these negative feelings. When I thought of a negative feeling or idea, I would actually visualize the negative thought. In my mind, I would then visualize Squashing the Negative Feeling/Thought with my Foot. I was actively telling my subconscious that those negative ideas would not be tolerated. For example, after a few dozen times of thinking about quitting and Squashing the Negative Idea in my mind, I eventually stopped thinking of giving up and began to focus on ways to succeed.

This technique got me through a lot of tough situations and gave me the ability to endure when I wanted to quit.

My quest continues to run a marathon. It’s slow going but there is definitive progress. I’ve been mixing daily gym trips with good eating habits. I have been soda/junk food free for 19 days. The amazing thing is that I feel 40 pounds lighter even know I have only lost a total of seven pounds. I really could care less about losing weight, it’s about protecting my knees and achieving a proper fitness level so that my body can carry me 26 miles. I figure I want to get down another 28 pounds to give my body a fighting chance to run the distance. I am just going to keep focused on baby steps. My first goal is to run 20 minutes without walking, then after that, celebrate my success and increase my fitness goals.


Being Able to See is Over Rated, this Helmet Rocks

Being Able to See is Over Rated, this Helmet Rocks



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9 responses to “Squash It

  • Newbie Alaskan

    Excellent post and news! If my 61 years have taught me anything it’s that ‘attitude is everything’. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with the proper mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude. I especially liked your recounting of how you discovered the means to quash negative or unwanted feelings or perspectives! I use something a bit different but apparently just as powerful, at least for me; when I find myself sliding in negativism I just think about others I know or have heard of who have faced similar albeit much more major challenges. When I compare what I am doing to their situation the perspective clears and I can see my negative thoughts regarding my situation is hardly worth my time and/or concern. As soon as this happens I feel the negative energy evaporating. I have also discovered that the leading cause of me dropping into negativism is my propensity to lose ‘the big picture’ and become bogged down in the minutia of day to day life. I’m now working to recognize when I just start such a pattern so that I can immediately redirect my focus and hopefully avoid ‘going there’. I am going to try your method as well; there’s no such thing as too many tools in one’s toolbox of the mind. Keep up the great work towards your goal of running that marathon!!

  • twotiretirade

    I will definitely add your theory against negative thinking to my arsenal. I tell my kids all the time that I never had much talent or brains but I always had a good attitude and its open more doors then good looks ever could have. On your point as well, it does not matter what situation we’ve been in, there is always some other chap who has been through worst. We can learn from these experiences and we don’t, we’ll surely suffer the same fate…

  • Wendy

    Excellent post. Sometimes (most times really) i have to say outloud something positive when the negative committee in my head starts rambling. I become the coach to myself to get over and get through. My husband just groans when he hears me say ” who are you to say?” He knows I’m fixing to push through something. I’m just glad he can’t hear me from his bike!

  • bikermissus

    Great post. Positive thinking is EVERYTHING, and it will carry you to your 26-mile goal. Congrats on getting started with training, that’s the hardest part. I used to be about 75 lbs heavier than I am now…I managed to drop the weight thanks to running and changing what and how I ate. You will need the techniques that you used in the military when it gets really hard (and it will get really hard), but you will succeed. I look forward to reading about your progress!

    • twotiretirade

      Thanks for the encouragement, I actually did not think anyone would my diatribes concerning my marathon goals but I needed to write about it for a few reasons. First writing helps me process my successes and failures as well as to track where I started and where I want to go. Writing keeps me honest with myself. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  • LB

    I’m so excited to be following along on your journey to improved health! and if you walk / run a marathon, all the better!

    • twotiretirade

      It’s so good to have you visit. Any suggestions advice along the way would be helpful. I was thinking yesterday of mixing riding with fitness. Call it HIKE AND BIKE…We got a ton of trails in Colorado…

  • motormouth

    where u get that helmet and my wife says if it hurts to think dont

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