First Eight Days to Twenty Six Miles

Bruce Lee

Coca-Cola has been an addiction of mine for as long as I could remember. In the Army I would easily go through a 12 pack of coke a day. Back then, I preferred my coke in cold cans. Don’t ask me how I found soda in the desert. My platoon had no showers, air conditioning, toilets or hot food but I always found a way to guzzle down cokes.  In college, I switched from the 12 oz. cans to the 20 oz. plastic bottles. For the last 10 years of my life, I have had at least two 20 oz. bottles of coke a day.   On many days, I would consume much more than that. Once I discovered Coca-Cola in the 20 oz. plastic bottles, I could never go back to drinking coke out of the can. The taste between the can and plastic bottle was unmistakable. I am what one may call a “SODA SNOB”. I drank soda like water and it has made me slow and soft. In an effort to achieve my goal of running a marathon, I decided to give up my habit of ingesting soda. Being 43 years old and grossly overweight, it’s just not prudent for me to be running like Forest Gump with a Santa Belly and thighs that rub together like two pieces of sand paper. If I am going to achieve my overall goal, I must eat in a healthy manner. I also need to lose weight so that my knees don’t implode due to unmanageable stress.

I have been Soda free for 8 days now and have only drank water or skim milk since my last coke. This has not been easy. For the first 5 days without coke, I was rude, mean and nasty. The crankiness that ensued was real, profound and ugly. I would rather get kicked in the giblets rather than quit drinking soda again. After 5 days, the crankiness wavered and I became depressed. I guess I was just sad that I could not taste that fuzzy acidic goodness that I so much desired. On my eighth day without soda, I feel somewhat normalized. I am not craving Coca-Cola every second and I’m back to my normal quirky self.

I also joined a gym and began a running program. I’m starting slow using the “Learn How to Run App” on my phone. It’s been an interesting 8 days but I dropped 4 pounds and began to jog in a slow docile way. It’s all about the baby steps and celebrating the little things. I can tell you that I feel better than I did 8 days ago so that is a big plus…….

Goal- Einstien

Goals- Socrates


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11 responses to “First Eight Days to Twenty Six Miles

  • dharmaanchor

    Good for you, keep it up! 🙂

  • Wendy

    Wow! Giving up soda is a huge deal. Good for you. I hope the next 8 days give you the same sense of accomplishment.

  • twotiretirade

    Soda is like crack to me, well that would be the same for any type of sugar filled goodness. I have stayed away from candy and junk food as well. I feel more refreshed right now but that may be the exercise as well. Either way I am psyched.

  • Newbie Alaskan

    Excellent start! Sounds like maybe you were initially hurting from caffeine withdrawal; when I decided to cut coffee out of my life I experienced similar symptoms for the first two weeks, then they slowly disappeared. You definitely have the right mindset and without question ‘attitude is everything’!! Don’t forget that the longest of journey’s starts with that single first step. Congratulations and more power to ya!!

  • Newbie Alaskan

    Whenever I’m starting what seems like an insurmountable task I like to keep that bit of wisdom in mind. I heard a Navy SEAL describing his method for getting through some of the more grueling aspects of their training; he said he kept breaking down the task into smaller and smaller pieces until it was manageable. Just keep on working towards to that goal and if it starts to appear too much start parsing it down to more manageable portions. Yeah, when I cut out caffeine I had some real
    ‘bell ringing’ headaches for the first week; the worst was waking up with them. Even aspirin couldn’t blunt the pain so I just kinda muddled through; thankfully I could hide out here in south central Alaska so no one had to endure my nasty outlook and attitude for those two weeks!

  • LB

    Good for you!! Keep on with this goal and with your efforts to “Act On It”. You’ll be a better biker for it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow. I’m going through the same thing! I quit Coca-Cola and Pepsi on July 27th of this year. I had been drinking Coke and Pepsi for over 20 years, and is it tough. The good news is that even without exercising I have lost 35lbs since. I had been trying to loose weight all these years, without success, and yet, all I had to do was to give up Soda. I just wish I had realized that way earlier. I’m not going back, for sure. I’m 42, and I have never felt better than now. The added benefit is that now my motorcycle even goes a little faster. Have you seen the movie Fed Up? It’s all about what sugar does to us, and the sugar industry.

    • twotiretirade

      That is such good news for you. Congratulations! Quitting soda/sugar is no joke. I really do feel better and have to believe that my riding performance will approve as well. I have only drank water since giving up soda a few weeks ago with the exception of a couple of glasses of skim milk. I just feel lighter and unburdened. I have also started to sleep better. One think I have done is started to use my Soda Stream to make what my family calls Fuzzy Water. Its just carbonated water but it feels better then a cold coke did going down. Its a really cool drink to substitute for soda.

      I look forward to see if my motorcycle will go faster after a few more months. Keep up the good fight and thanks for visiting!

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