Dreams Are Important, Never Lose them

Central City

I took a wondrous journey on my cycle to Central City Colorado. It’s a great curvaceous route from Golden, CO filled with twisty turns up a rocky canyon. Follow the river through the never-ending blissful curves and dream of simpler, more dangerous times of the old west. Not all that much has changed in this canyon with the exception of the blacktop and one can easily imagine the threat of wild Indian attacks, train robberies and chasing the dream of finding the mother lode in the gold rush. During my journey I thought of those settlers following their dreams into a very dangerous environment but despite the hazards they chased their dreams anyway.
When were young we constantly dwell on our dreams. This is a truly positive phenomena which provides a thoughtful reflection of the possibilities of life. Our youthful brains focus on our never waning potential; it’s too bad our adult brains lack the same focus.
Sometimes our dreams become a reality. Unfortunately some dreams are left unfilled or even worst, lost. As we age, dreams tend to become less of an emphasis in our minds. Life’s burdens manifest themselves in our subconscious and slowly we lose touch with those prized imaginings that propelled us forward through our youth.
A true travesty in life is a dream lost. When we lose our dreams we tend to lose who we are and what we want to be. Through our dreams we are able to change reality as we know it. They are powerful intangible motivators that spur our spirits into wondrous actions. When we lose touch with our dreams, we lose a part of ourselves. Without dreams, we can be led down a path of becoming that lost soul, just endlessly going through the drudgery of life. The divine spark no longer fires and life’s burdens become our only reality. You know the people whom I’m talking about, they are just empty vessels.
I have chased down my dreams without remorse in the past but lately I have become complacent. Over the last 5 years I have forgotten to dwell upon my aspirations of the unreachable. It’s the hope to achieve those unobtainable goals that separate us from the norm and add texture to our lives. When we work towards our objectives, one day we find that the unreachable suddenly becomes feasible. A dream is only a few actions beyond our reach and with every action the dream is that much more a plausible reality.
I actively need to aspire to some sort of goal. Set some high objective to work towards and don’t rest till its obtained. This is what is missing in my life and without a dream, we all tend to waiver or regress. We all need something to work on, I have an infinite list of things to improve upon but the most important is to get in touch with my dreams.
It’s funny what one may think about during a pleasant journey on two wheels.

Central City 1

Central City 2

Central City 4


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