Do You Ride Together


With work, the children, church, school activities and sports when do you find time to hang out with your significant other and make time to enjoy your love of riding? Your marriage and family should be your passion but with riding a motorcycle the two sometimes don’t intertwine. I got my first cycle after I was married. My wife did not marry into the riding culture. It was hobby that I picked up afterwards. After I first got my motorcycle, my wife did ride with me on occasion but after our kids were born that activity faded away. I see couples riding all the time and I feel a bit of jealousy that they have a common riding hobby that they can share together. It’s hard because I would much rather ride with my wife then alone but that is not really an option. The same goes for my kids. I would love for my family to share in my passion but given none are able to participate, I feel guilt for leaving them behind. My guilt stems from the fact that my job is 90 percent travel and when I say travel, I mean gone out of state for 30 days at a time. So this issue may be something that is an individual issue for me and my family but I have to assume that others feel the pinch as well. It would be perfect if I could melt my love for my family with my passion of riding. That would be the best viable solution but some solutions are not so easily attained.

In reality what a pitiful issue to write about, there are so many real problems that people deal with every day. I should feel fortunate that I have a healthy family and a wife who supports me and my choice to ride. This is something that countless people do not have. I think my issue may have more to do with the fact that I have a ton of guilt associated with not being around for my family than anything else. Guilt is a heavy burden as well as the sadness associated with missing your children grow and being a part of your family’s life while working far from home. Well we all have our burdens to bear. Supporting my family is something that I feel proud to be able to achieve but unfortunately for now, working involves a ton of travel.

Stoppies, Keeping Motorcycle Cops Cool Since 1952

Stoppies, Keeping Motorcycle Cops Cool Since 1952


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15 responses to “Do You Ride Together

  • Rajiv

    I share your guilt. My old job used to involve loads of travel, and I used to feel guilty about taking time off for photography. I love the highway, but the only form of two wheels that I ride, is a bicycle. So, it’s a four-wheeler for me. Riding the highways of India on a bicycle is a short cut to hell.There is this eternal struggle between balancing your passion and providing for your family.

    • twotiretirade

      Have you tried to connect your passion for photography and your love of your family? It must be awesome to share a passion with your significant other. What is my wife’s passion? (she likes Yoga)..Maybe its time I buy some yoga pants and join her in some yoga fun then maybe she’ll want a motorcycle.

      As always, thanks for the comment and be careful on those highways…

      • Rajiv

        My wife’s passion is baking. I am not an expert on food photography, but I have promised to photograph her cakes ( I have done a few) especially when she starts her classes, and her future blog. Well, I just bought myself a Renault Duster for highway trips… Yay ! But, this will be my stuff alone, sadly

  • Experimental Ghost

    I don’t think there is a man alive that feels some guilt about not being there for them “on call”. If its any consolation it does get easier to find time as you get older
    Your priorities change. Mine did, and they are evolving everyday.matbe its just the way it is?
    Great post

  • cindysowden

    I don’t drive a motorcycle myself, but I ride with my husband. At first I was afraid, but I’m his “little buddy” and have done a lot of other things that were foreign to me, too, such as canoe trips in the Boundary Waters and flying in a small plane. I’ve learned to enjoy riding “two up” and I look forward to doing more riding this summer. Talk to your wife and find something you can do with the family and enjoy your motorcycle rides when you can. When the kids are old enough to reach the pegs, strap a helmet on ’em and take ’em for a ride.

  • Wendy

    I’ve logged 94 miles on the new bike with my husband. He calls me a “heart attack waiting to happen”. I ride anyway. Now that the kids are grown, we had to find something to do together. I’m building my skills, and we go further out each time. Last week, we rode till my right thumb tip was numb. I’ve still got too strong a grip. But I love it. When I got home I was tired and I had dirt in my teeth. I was happy, happy, happy.

    • twotiretirade

      “Dirt in My Teeth” , that is when you know fun has been achieved. Keep riding and the wind will take you to the most wondrous places. Glad you were able to pick up a hobby that the both of you could do together….

  • LB

    Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to one of the women I care for about guilt. Man or woman, single or in a relationship, with or without children, everyone seems to feel guilty when they spend a bit of time focused on self. I always say a little self focus goes a long way toward being able to focus on all those around us.
    Just my two cents

    • twotiretirade

      Wow, I love the comment, ” I always say a little self focus goes a long way toward being able to focus on all those around us.”

      Its a good way to think about it. I am sure that there are people on the opposite side of the spectrum that only dwell upon their own needs and take it way to far.
      Thanks a bunch for the words of wisdom…

  • NE.Perkins

    My husband and I both have bikes. Between our range, two kids at home, our dogs…we rarely ride together. Thank gosh for our friends who ride too!! And I don’t mind riding alone, at night, on highways…no one is out and I can’t help grin going way above the speed limit.

    • twotiretirade

      Our lives our very busy but there is something about riding with my wife that I miss. Sooner or latter when our kids are older she’ll ride with me again.

      Going above the speed limit is a smile maker!!!!

  • Tammi Kale

    My husband died 10 years ago and I still miss riding. I thoroughly enjoy your posts.

    • twotiretirade

      Maybe take a weekend motorcycling course. That is how I started. Its not only fun but you can learn a ton. Most courses give you a license after you take the weekend course. I met a ton a great people during my course and never stopped riding since. If your interested, google “ABATE Motorcycle Course” near your home. Anyway, good luck!

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