Winters End

Spring Harvest

It’s March 31, 2014 and I have just spent the whole morning shoveling 9 inches of snow from the driveway. I live pretty far north but darn it’s not the Yukon. It should be at least 50 degrees and the spring rain should be washing the salt off the roads in preparation of my first riding day.
The snow that dropped today was not the light fluffy stuff, it was the water drenched heavy stuff which has a goal to either blow out your back or to give you a heart attack. Whenever you get that heavy snow, there is always a story on the news about someone’s ticker who called it quits while they endeavored to tackle the heavy white stuff. I call this particular Heavy Snow the “Blubber Snow”. If your cholesterol is high and your idea of exercise is walking to the toilet, then don’t try to shovel your driveway when there is a coat of Blubber Snow. Take my advice, leave it and let it thaw in a few weeks.
Stay warm and safe, spring will come and summer will follow. My thoughts are about riding black rambunctious curvy tarmac.


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