Do you ever just feel like your acting to much like an adult?


I have been dwelling upon my life and feel that I need to regress about 20 years. It seems like I spend my whole life at work and have an acute shortage of  fun. Hopefully I am not going through another mid-life crisis because this would be the 4th one in the last 15 years.

It’s been about 4 months since I have been out on my cycle with the exception of a 10 mile ride last Friday.  I was desperate, so took my FJR out with 2 feet of snow on the ground in freezing conditions.  My back tire slipped out on me once which was a scary moment but I recovered.

During the middle of winter, I always get a bit on edge.  There really is something about Cabin Fever that is real to me.  The only thing we can do is get some good exercise, stay warm and get our bikes ready for spring.  Here is to warm weather just beyond the horizon.  Even if you can’t ride, get out there and find some fun.


Army Bobber


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17 responses to “Do you ever just feel like your acting to much like an adult?

  • Experimental Ghost

    Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.

  • hrncirwt

    I hear you. I’m still not grown up, despite my best impersonations. I’ve seen grown up, and I don’t want to go there.

    It’s been a rainy cold winter here in S. Texas. We were able to ride all year last year, and got a bit spoiled. We haven’t been out since Mid January, and it seems like forever ago.
    Love the Army bobber pic. Have you been to the Wheels Through Time museum in Cherokee, NC? They have some really cool historic bikes.

    • twotiretirade

      Never been to that Museum before but I shall add it to my list of things to do.
      Are you able to ride in comfort in South Texas in August? I figure after the sun goes down all is well but it must be hot down there at noon in the middle of summer. I lived in McAllen, TX for a month about two years ago for work. I liked it there!

      • hrncirwt

        You get used to the heat, but we ride early, get breakfast, and get back by 2pm to make sure we don’t melt in August. McAllen is a nice town. I’m always amazed by the number of good hospitals there. Lots of doctors on the border! Great grapefruit, cool restaurants on 10th street, what’s not to like? Since it’s only 70 or so miles to S. Padre, you can go OTB and hang out on some cool beaches, fish, and bar hop while you cruise.

  • TheVeeBumbleBee

    I’ve often found that the more I PLAN to enjoy life, the more I actually do. In other words, I’ve intentionally tried to stop being reactive to life, but instead, be proactive and choose to have fun!

    Winter is tough – we’ve been below 0F on and off for about two weeks now here in Colorado. I still find that getting outside for a short period (even heavily bundled up) helps me to fight cabin fever.

    Hang in there…spring is just around the corner!

    • twotiretirade

      I moved to the east coast from Colorado about 10 years ago. One of these days I shall get back there. Its a great place to ride, hike and play. Great comment about choosing to have fun, that is the key!

  • richbrunelle

    You guys are missing it. When you get older you get to revert to being young again. Trust me on this, I ride my motorcycle in the pouring rain and celebrate buying a new front tire that holds the road better. I haven’t even tried on the rain gear I bought because the jacket I wear hasn’t soaked all the way through. Your youth is always available to you, just fire up your bike. It makes me 57 going on 35 every time I straddle her. Just think, all those guys that don’t know what it feels like . . .

  • mtnairloversview

    Adulthood, youth, old-age…these are all states of being in my mind. I wouldn’t trade the wisdom I’ve gained in my nearly 50 years…maybe a few less aches and pains, but not what I’ve learned…that’s what makes enjoying life now so much sweeter.

    As for riding? I’m so bad at not riding lately. Have spent too much time working on finishing up the Colorado Byways these past two years. But…that’ll just make the fun this summer all the better. 🙂

    Oh…and have I got an icy road and two-wheels story for you…lol. But, better saved for a different day.

    Enjoy the moment, despite the lack of two wheels…soon you will be on two again.

  • LB

    That slipping on the snow sounds scary indeed! Glad you got back to the house safely! Just a few more months … warmer days are coming!

  • Scott

    Been there and done that. The wife and I took our GL-1000 from Eugene, Oregon to Reno – 500 + miles – in April of 1980 something. We should have gone back home when it snowed on us in the Cascade Mountains, but I was tougher then. It hailed the last 80 miles from Susanville, California into Reno. We were frozen stiff by the time we reached Circus Curcus, so we parked in the underground and left our soaked cold weather gear hanging on the bike. There were no rooms so we stayed in a motel south of town and awoke to find 4 inches of snow on the seat the next morning. It was Saturday and we had to be at work on Monday. It was 37 degrees and foggy when we headed north in mid-morning. We went through the desert, hoping it would be warmer and drier, but it wasn’t. After 250 miles we took a room in a small one-motel-town, dragged the recliners up to the wall heater, and spent the night there. We finished the other 250 miles on Sunday. We did not have a lot of fun, but I certainly remember the trip.

    • twotiretirade

      Wow, I only drove 10 miles your were on a snowy sojourn with an additional rider no less in really bad weather. I totally respect that you were able to get back to work on the following Monday but it almost cost you! Even the desert did not show you some heat, some trips are just doomed to be cold I guess. Glad you got home upright!

  • franc

    Went on a winter group ride about 4 years ago….. started to go uphill and the temperature dropped. Next thing around a corner a rider 3 bikes in front of me fell, then the next rider and the next…. I straightened it up and avoid the mess. Always a bit wary of the hills in winter since. Still we live more in these moments of excitement than some people do in their entire lives

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