Jasper The Dog

Jasper the Dog


A smile on four paws,

Looked like a Muppet,

So ugly she was cute,

Always happy to see me,

And sad to watch me leave,

Mischievous but kind,

She knew when I was sad,

Made me happy when I was blue,

Followed me everywhere,

Car rides made her day,

Always cleaned up the floor after our meals,

Protected our family with a radical bark,

Was only 15 pounds but thought she was a lion,

Never complained, Never Sad, Always a Friend

I lost a 13-year-old puppy a few days ago.  She was a true friend and companion.  She was part of our family and will truly be missed.  Jasper was a big smile and a sloppy kiss, wrapped up in a black shaggy skinny body.  Jasper I miss you and will see you down range.


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Keeping the faith of fanatics who feel fired up for anything motorcycles. It’s all about the journey and the philosophy of riding on two wheels. Let’s bring alive the truly unique culture of motorcycling and never let the ride leave the fibers of our being. View all posts by twotiretirade

8 responses to “Jasper The Dog

  • Scott

    I know what you are going through. But remember that you gave you puppy a good home. Put more posts up about her. It helps. Our Mr. black is approaching 10 and he is the most faithful friend we could ever hope for. I’ve never seen him in a bad mood. He asks for nothing and gives his all. I’m sure yours was the same.

    • twotiretirade

      Scott I really do appreciate your comment. I tend to focus on motorcycles on my blog b/c its my passion but my family is everything. Jasper was part of my family, so she belongs in these posts. Thanks for visiting.

  • hrncirwt

    Sincere and lovely sentiment, and the greatest line to describe your friend. That’s what I really enjoy about bikers, they give such a nice tribute to their friends, both the two legged, and four legged variety. Keep the happy memories going.

  • preacher291

    Nice, mans best friend is usually under appreciated. Sorry for your loss, brother.

  • LB

    So very sorry for your loss. Keep writing, keep processing, and we’ll be here to listen.

    • twotiretirade

      Thanks for the message, life will flow by with good news and bad. Our job is to get through it all the best we can. I figure the best way is to wear a smile and kick adversity in the gut. I really do believe that writing is a great way to process information! Take Care….

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