Lucky and Stupid

Stupid People

It’s not normal where I live to have a 50 degree sunny day this late in the year.  When snow and ice are gone, motorcyclist hit the streets to take advantage of a rare winter siesta. Today I decided to take my Urban Commando Route and check out what the metropolis had to offer.  It’s good to get out of the rural areas and get an appreciation of city life.  I normally reserve these days for early morning weekend runs, in hopes of missing traffic.  I grew up in a very rural setting and now live in the burbs and lack experience with riding in the city.

The ride was splendid.  Not much traffic and plenty of sun to warm the body in the cool November air.  It’s fun to dart past the cars and busses as one traverses the metro streets.  There is a lot of items to track and be aware of compared to navigating dairy farms where I live.  There is so much to observe and ultimately, that is what got me into trouble.  As I was driving down the road, I was paying attention to pedestrians on the river walk and did not see the stop light until I was just about under it and heading into the intersection.  To my dismay the light was red and there was no way I could avoid the intersection.  My first thought was panic.  If there were cars coming from left or the right, I was a dead man.  Luck was my passenger because there were no cars in either directions.  I was lucky and stupid all at the same time.

I am always talking about the danger brought forth by others but realized this morning that I was my worst enemy.  Lesson learned without anyone getting hurt but I am still pretty angry at myself.

Over confidence breeds trouble. I think I fell into this trap today and it was almost a costly lesson.  It reminds me of what Jerry Garcia sang in one of my favorite songs, “Cause when life looks like easy
Street, there is danger at your door.”

Be safe and ride well………….

Lucky Charms


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