Bad Riding Habits

Army Motorcycle

Have you ever just stopped and wondered what your five worse riding habits are?  Here is my list:

  • It is impossible for me to remember to turn off my blinker when I complete a turn (my Harley had self-canceling signals, not so much  on the FJR)
  • I never keep my cycle in gear while at a stop light (one of these days some crazy texting socialite is going to run into my rear when I am minding my own business at a stop sign)
  • On long rides, I tend to Day Dream (contemplating if Vegan Dragons Exist, should not be the priority while riding)
  • The Speed Limit is not my friend (one ticket to many could be the end of my employment which would quickly render me homeless)
  • I always get angry when someone beeps their horn (it’s a weird trigger but horn blowing drives me insane)

What bad riding habits do you have?


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15 responses to “Bad Riding Habits

  • bikermissus

    My partner hardly ever remembers to turn off his signal light! We have agreed on a “morse code” of sorts…I honk my horn three times, that means “turn off your $%&@-in’ signal light!”

    My own bad habit is obstacle fixation, especially on unpaved roads. I’m trying very hard to break myself of that one.

    • twotiretirade

      The guys I ride with have started to call me “Blinky” b/c of my Turn Signal Issue…

      Target Fixation can be a dangerous thing and I think we all have that issue from time to time. It can be even harder to break depending on the object being fixated on..I have more of an issue when the object has to do with ICE CREAM…

  • Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist

    I had many bad habits when I became a riding instructor, not what I considered major problems, but not in keeping with what I was expected to teach. It took a while to change those habits, but now they are mostly gone. Like you, the desire to ride faster than the mandated speed limits is one I still struggle with.

  • Experimental Ghost

    I’ll admit I leave the indicator on sometimes, and I drop it into neutral when I’m held up at a set of lights.

    Getting carried away with the moment on a nice stretch of road, then finding that I’m going waaay to fast.

    Pulling up or following too close to a car in front in traffic (think sandwich)

    Losing track of time on a ride with friends and causing my pillion to worry when I’m late coming home.

    • twotiretirade

      We have some similar bad habits. I guess we’ll keep on bettering our skills. The whole sandwich issue is something that I can improve upon as well. I have often been trying to leave myself escape routes.

  • Brent

    My only real bad habit is lane-splitting over 40 MPH. The new guidelines say not to do it but everyone is so used to doing it due to traffic rarely exceeding 40 MPH that we just do it all the time. I’ve been trying to make it a habit to not do it over 40 and I’m getting better, but I wish there were a lot less cars and more bikes… Then I’d have something else to complain about 🙂

    I have a turn-signal admission. I had my 2009 BMW R1200GS for over 2 years before I asked the dealer why my signals wouldn’t automatically shut off. He said, well they should after you hit 35 MPH for 10 seconds. I thought about it for a few minutes and then tested it out. Sure enough, they shut off — I was just too impatient.

  • LB

    Well clearly my bad habit is ignorance! I always sit in neutral at long traffic lights (I need a small gear mechanism for my small hands; I get fatigued holding the clutch in). Anyway, I never thought about what that looked like from behind. DUH!!
    Guess I’ll ponder that while I’m waiting to purchase my new bike!

    • twotiretirade

      The same goes with me, holding the clutch in can cause my hand to go numb. Im not sure why but it definitely happens to me.

      We live and we learn. Do you think you will get the same style bike or try something totally different? A few years ago, I went from a cruiser to a sports tourer. I think it had something to do with a Second Mid-Life Crisis. Cheers

  • Scott

    I sold my last machine two years ago. My largest mistake was riding too far, too long. That’s when the mistakes start showing. I used to ride behind a fairing, but I’d get sleepy in the desert so I took it off.

    Once, eastbound across Oregon’s high desert I rolled into a grassy rest area 20 miles west of Burns on US 20. I flopped down in the grass and fell asleep. Some time later I opened my eyes to find a bunch of children standing over me.. I felt like an alien.

  • pradsliff

    Guilty as charged on all counts. Hey, TwoTire, if you want to see why bad habits are so prevalent, check out the people who attended the Progressive International Motorcycle Show two weekends ago (lots of photos):

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