Power of Stupid


There are no shortages in the amount of imprudent things I have done in my life.  The list is long but distinguished.  After reflecting upon the many foolish situations I have been a part of, I came to the conclusion that most of them occurred while in a large group of people.  Normally I am a sensible prudent individual but put me in a crowd and I am able to look the fool in a moment’s notice.  This behavior pattern has ramifications in many aspects of my life.  The few times that I was almost involved in a motorcycle accident was while riding in a large cluster of cycles.  Driving in crowds could be inherently more dangerous than riding alone.  This could easily explain the previous statistic or could it be that I am not as safe riding while in a group compared to riding alone? If I am not as safe in a pack of cycles then why?  It’s something to self-reflect upon.

None of us are perfect riders, the best at our jobs or flawless parents. It’s good to dwell upon improvement opportunities.  When we analyze our abilities and find potential soft spots, it creates an ocean of self-improvement potential.  We never have to be the best at anything in life.  We just have to be willing to find self-development areas and have the motivation to cultivate them.  We can never rest upon our laurels in life, same goes with riding.


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