It’s been 41 years on this earth.  There have been loved ones lost, wars fought, accomplishments achieved and children born.  Friendships have prospered, relationships failed, people reborn and failures endured. My life thus far has been amazing and fulfilling but there is a part of me that says, “What am I missing”.  Why am I here?  Is it for that one achievement of greatness? Is it to be a great father and a loving husband?  Was it to help others in need or fight in a war? Is it to suffer and feel pain? Is it too learn to love? Was it to take care of my dog?  Am I here to learn?

At 41, one begins to understand that life here on earth is not eternal.  At 41, one also understands that there is still a lot of gasoline in the tank to push forward to make a difference.  If one opens their eyes and reflects upon the path they have traveled and then ponders the road ahead, they can see that smile beyond the horizon.  I believe in my life that I have failed more than I have succeeded.  It shames me to say that I have given up the fight in some objectives when I still had fight to give.  At 41, I understand that those negative moments in my life do not define me but have given me a better perspective to become that person that I most respect.

I am proud of the achievements I have made thus far in my life and only hope to learn more and become a better person as I continue my journey ahead.

Why are we here?  Now that I have dwelled upon it, the answer is easy.  The answer is all of the above.


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