Only in New York City- Who’s Your Daddy Van



I had to share with you photos of a DNA Testing Van that I saw in New York City.  I almost killed myself to get the photos (sorry about the lousy pictures). Check out the photo of the side of the van.  It actually says “Who’s your Daddy”.  It’s an onsite testing unit so no one has to leave the comfort of their own home to get a DNA Test Swab.  Picture yourself sitting at home eating a bologna cheddar sandwich and having this truck roll up your driveway.  That will ruin your weekend quicker than hurry up.  Does the Van Driver call up and let the recipient know of the mandated court ordered test or is it like a Surprise Visit?  That would be a tough surprise, almost worst then your in-laws visiting. 

Does this van represent a new society low? 

Litigious Society + Morale Corruption = Who’s Your Daddy Van.

Classic Americana



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