Oregon Rocks



Have you seen Haystack Rock (photo shown above) in the movies?  If you google it then your cheating.  It’s been in two movies that I know of and is located on Cannon Beach on the Northern Oregon Coast.  If you don’t know the movies then I will give you a hint for each film.

If you can do the “Truffle Shuffle” then you should know this flick.

The second movie hint is a famous line from the film.  If you heard the line “It’s not a tumor” then you should know the film.

This was my first time visiting Washington and Oregon.  If you have not been there then go, it’s absolutely gorgeous.  I spent my time in Portland, the Colombia River Gorge, and the Northern Oregon Coast.  Unfortunately I did not ride my cycle on the trip but I can tell you that this area would be perfect for two wheels.  It did not rain once when I was there but the locals tell me I was just lucky.  It usually rains often so bring your rain gear.  I plan on going back but next time I will bring my cycle.

Here are a few more photos of my trip………






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