Not Happy with My Perfect Bike Disorder



My motorcycle is set up perfectly.  It’s comfortable, it’s fast, and fits like an old pair of jeans.  In short, it’s just right.  After a year of tweaking the essences of the cycle, it now works for me.  Whenever I get my motorcycle to be just right, I then become obsessed with finding another bike to fix up.  It’s a Condition I call “Not Happy with My Perfect Bike Disorder”.  In many ways my disease constitutes a problem.  I can only afford one bike, so to get another bike will mean losing the one that I worked so hard to make perfect.  Also the wife totally hates it when I come home with a different bike which means I’m sleeping on the couch for a month. I am content with my crappy car and it can barely be put into reverse.  The car is a pure beater but I make it work.  My dog has diabetes and she likes to growl at herself in the mirror but I don’t want to trade her in.  Why can’t I be happy with a motorcycle with no flaws that I truly love to ride? I tell you it’s a serious condition that I blame on my Attention Deficit Disorder and a pure passion to ride.  I guess there are worst conditions to have.  I could be addicted to crack or have a bad temper or like to burn ants with a magnifying glass.  Those are true problems.  My issue is less of a travesty and one I can live with.  It’s not like I have any money to burn on another bike anyway but one never knows what two wheeled opportunity is awaiting me around that next high speed corner.

You Ugly


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