Portland, Oregon to NYC Ride- Maybe It Could Happen


It’s been 27 days working away from home. Only 3 days and a wake up and I’ll be back on the block with my family.  When you work out of state and spend months on end away from your roots, life can get pretty hectic.  No lie, sometimes you wake up and have no clue where you are.  This past month has been crazy.  Last Sunday, I was convinced that my wife’s birthday was on Tuesday.  Unfortunately for my sanity, I was about 6 months early for her birthday this year.  Off course I figured it all out after I purchased a gift for her.  So funny yet so sad. The morale of the story is that working long hours with no rest makes your brain do wacky stuff.

I am going to Portland, Oregon at the end of July.  I was thinking of not flying back to the east coast after my trip.  Instead, I could buy a cheap cycle and drive back.  It would be a Portland to New York City Route.  My dream of riding across the country could be truly realized.  It would be a coast to coast onslaught of colossal proportions that would test my riding endurance to the limits.  I could extend my vacation out a few days, so at most, I would have a 4 day window to get back for work.  Once I get to Portland, the plan would be to purchase an inexpensive dependable motorcycle.  Maybe buy something like a 2007 Honda Rebel with plans on selling it when I get back home.  I figure any money that I loose on the deal I am saving given the cost to ship my bike out to Portland. Unfortunately there is not enough time to ride my cycle to the West Coast and return back home.  The cross country One Way Strategy is the only plan that would work given my time limitation.  There would be absolutely no plans or route with only one condition; I would need to ride through a portion of Idaho and Montana.  If I was able to visit those states then I would meet my goal of visiting all the continental United States.  This would be a journey of sleep deprivation, Slim Jims and caffeine but it would be totally enjoyed. 

Chances are this will never happen but one can never give up dreaming.  Once we stop dwelling on crazy ideas then were just walking corpses.  Hopefully when I am ninety I will still be making zany plans of adventure. For me it’s about keeping the faith and living a life worth smiling about.  Either way my upcoming vacation is going to be excellent. 

In the dirt


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13 responses to “Portland, Oregon to NYC Ride- Maybe It Could Happen

  • Marg V

    Now THAT would be some trip! I hope that the stars align and the planets cooperate in order to get you what you want.
    Ride on!

  • John Cole Jr

    I live the idea. But maybe pick a bike a bit bigger then the rebel. Something with a few more horses. Good luck. It would certainly make a good story.

    • twotiretirade

      The Rebel is a small bike but they are always out there for an incredibly inexpensive price and are bullet proof. I normally ride an FJR 1300 which has got some pep so a Rebel may be a bit small but I would rather drive a slow bike fast rather then a fast bike slow any day of the week. We’ll see what happens and if I take the trip I will definitely write about it.

      • Tanaista

        Having ridden both small and large bikes on long trips, I say the size is not the issue, the purpose and needs are. A small bike often get better gas mileage and have less major issues to worry about. they tend to be easy to work on also. Larger ones often have a smoother, faster ride but are you wanting to get there faster or just cruise. Price on initial purchase and fuel are less in many smaller ones if you don’t run near top end a lot.
        Riding long distance on small bikes is a longstanding adventure well worth doing and a whole different experience. I highly recommend the trip, look around and research trips on small bikes and what bikes they recommend and used and what is available around you. We fix and sell bikes and will often consider either delivering it with our trip price included or picking it up and riding back if we can.

      • twotiretirade

        I definitely keep my eye out. One small bike that I really appreciate is the Royal Enfield Bullet in Olive Green. I have been checking them out for a while.

      • Tanaista

        I read a story of a guy that crossed Asia on a Honda Passport 70cc….and I have seen several done on 125, 150, 200, 185, and 250s. I think from the bikes I have owned from the 1100 Virago to the 125 Enduro the little Enduro was one of the absolute most fun to ride and got 75 or better fuel mileage.

      • twotiretirade

        I think in America we get to caught up in Heavy Power and Speed. Of course power and speed is cool to have but all that much power can get a guy in trouble. I got a speeding not long ago and now I am constantly paranoid about how fast I am going. One more speeding ticket and I can loose my job. So I almost want a bike that is not fast at all. My FJR wants to go fast and I like taking her there. So a so slow bike may be just what the doctor ordered. In the end, I am glad just to have a cycle at all. It took my 33 years to get a bike and I never want to be without one again.

  • Thomas

    Just curious if you do your own wrenching? Of course, I hear Honda are pretty reliable so it shouldn’t be an issue anyway.

    The ride sounds great! Hope it works out for ya!

    • twotiretirade

      Wish I did but I have no skills. Its been a goal of mine but never learned. I figure if I ever get off the road with work that I would teach myself but who knows when that may be.

  • Tanaista

    I love the Royal Enfield. Check them out thoroughly, each year has mechanical quirks you would need to fix and mess with now and then. But you can work on them pretty well. I have wanted one of those since they started building them outside India again.
    I did my speeding, fast bike time and except for a few instances of playing find it is over-rated now. After living in Hawaii for a few years I have a greater appreciation of small bikes and mopeds and of the slow, enjoyable ride. I am on the bike to ride not to get somewhere. The destination is secondary. I can have a fast bike for when I want it and a small, I’ll get there when I get there, bike.
    In all my travels other places, people rode small bikes and drove tiny vehicles everywhere and have no problems, it is not necessary to go 90 everywhere you go, look what we miss doing that.
    I bought a small bike and started finding little back roads to places and exploring them. I can’t afford the tickets anymore anyway 🙂 My husband is coming to the same conclusions, we are looking for smaller bikes now to save fuel and slow down.
    Find a way to do a trip, it’s worth it.

  • cindysowden

    If you go through Montana on US 12, you can climb the Beartooth pass (spectacular views and switchbacks). 12 is a direct route into the Twin Cities.

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