I Froze My Toes Off but the Ride was Splendid

Sodus Light House

Sometimes the weather is not going to be perfect but you just have to put on your big boy pants and take the ride anyway.  I actually suffer from “I get really cold quick” aliment, so getting cold is a real issue. I rode for about 4 hours, the outside temperature was about 46 degrees.  The fact is that I was cold for most of the trip but I could have dressed warmer.  Half way through the trip I changed into some warmer cold weather gear that helped.  Despite the cold the ride was splendid but did not realize how cold I was till I got back home.  I ate lunch under a blanket but was still cold afterwards so I thawed myself in a warm shower for about twenty minutes.  Then I took a nice long needed nap.  I just got off a 30 day work tour (30 days with no days off, out of state employment) so when I get home, I often find that my body uses the time to rest up before I head out of state to work another 30 day tour.  If I don’t put on some serious miles on my bike when I am home, I get cranky which no one likes.  Everything about the ride was grand and I was able to test out my new SHAD Trunk which I installed on Tuesday.  This Trunk Rocks.  It took me about an hour to install mostly b/c I am mechanically inept.  For most people, it would be a 30 minute job.  I purchased the largest case (SH 50) they had along with the mounting bracket for the Yamaha FJR.  The trunk came with a rear passenger back rest and sophisticated locking mechanism, both pre-installed.  The quality of the product exceeded my expectations.  I was thinking the trunk its self would be fragile and loose fitting but this was not the case.  The thing is engineered like an Abrams Tank.  If there is a downside it would be the weight of the trunk but that is not an issue for me.  The best part of design is that it takes about 30 seconds to release the Trunk and you have your light weight motorcycle back to its original specks.  The trunk its self can easily carry two full face helmets with room to spare.  What I like about it is that I can carry my fragile electronics in the trunk without having to worry about them.  In fact I use a pelican case to hold my laptop for work and it fits in there as well.  So with the exception of the hyperthermia the ride was a success.








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24 responses to “I Froze My Toes Off but the Ride was Splendid

  • yourothermotherhere


  • Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist

    The FJR looks like a perfect touring machine, and the SHAD fits in well.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a good ride Ivan, although here in Wales we consider 46 F to be quite warm!
    The FJR’s fairing does a pretty good job of keeping the wind off mind.

  • John Cole Jr

    Sometimes you just got to ride.

  • Jude

    Only one thing worse than being cold – and that’s being cold and wet!

  • scroungelady

    It looks like you had a beautiful day to ride. Psychologically, it seems riding in cold temps when the sun is shining is more tolerable than riding on a cold, gray day. And being cold and wet IS worse than just cold!

    • twotiretirade

      I can ride soaking wet in temperatures above 90 degrees and I love every second of the drenched experience but if I am riding in lower temperatures and get caught without my wet weather gear then I get a bit frustrated. I think the cold affects us all differently. I guess the biggest solution is to know your limitations and to be prepared for weather pitfalls on any rides.

  • RiderGirl Manila

    Hahaha! How I envy you! Temperature here was a scorching 37 degrees celsius, way-the-top humidity and the dust is overwhelming. and you are fully-geared. Lord….

    can we exchange toes? :-p

    • twotiretirade

      I doubt you want my toes. I would give up one of my toes to ride one day out there.

      • RiderGirl Manila

        Would glad to have you ride here. Just be ready for heatstroke and floods. two seasons in a year, just summer and rainy season. summer’s great for riding but for some reason, it’s more stifling now than it was a year or a few years ago. global warming. really felt here. rainy season on the other hand, well, welcome to the flood capital of the world where little rain can trigger a tsunami lmao!

      • RiderGirl Manila

        but NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING can compare to a ride through the Philippines’ scenic views… that is going to be a ride of your life, i guarantee. The Philippines North Loop, wider roads, easy cruising and the Philippines’ South Loop, sharper curves, blind apices, narrower roads… ahhh just absolutely freedom. 🙂

      • RiderGirl Manila

        who knows? my group, Arangkada Riders Alliance, Inc. along with the Global Saver Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. (the first-ever riders foundation in the Philippines) and Throttle Media (the first tri-media outlet for the Filipino Riding Community) are planning to affiliate with different rider groups in different countries and implement a project called “Foreign Riders Exchange Program” where in it would be similar to the student exchange programs. We will ‘adopt’ a rider or two from a particular foreign rider group, house them, provide for them, even the bikes they are going to use and tour them around the Philippines through a ride they will never forget, join in our charity missions and bring home riding souvenirs from here. And vice versa. Like i said in my comment in my blog, i believe in cross-cultural education. there is a lot to learn from different rider groups. and the journey just gets sweeter together. 🙂

  • cynic13th

    Top Cases are so damn useful, it really is too bad I’m a vain person and refuse to put one on my Ducati Monster because it would ruin the aesthetic of the bike =)
    Yours looks great, enjoy it and may my envy make it even sweeter.

    • twotiretirade

      I can believe how the top case makes everything so darn convenient. I could almost put my kid into it, that is how big it is. I have a Goldwing thing going with my FJR now but I like it none the less.

  • Mvatman

    If you want to extend your riding season, might I suggest heated gear? It’s a tad pricey but as a Canadian I find that having heated gear allows me to ride pretty much all year round. the other week I rode 2 hours in a toasty 104degrees in -2 weather and arrived toasty warm and ready to ride another 2hours..

  • Suspicious Chihuahua

    Fellow Feejer and new follower here. My relatively new blog is all over the map, but will feature plenty of motorcycle adventures so I hope you’ll join along for the ride. Stay safe out there!

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