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Motto Guzzi Cafe RacngI have been away from my cycle for 4 long months as she has been in a long winter’s hibernation.  The weather turned nice enough to melt the frozen tundra and as if to slap me in the face, work called me away to a far off place.  Whenever it gets nice out, work knows to give me tasks many states away from my home and bike in a constant ugly quest to keep me off my cycle.  Only a few days to get back and the Two Tires call my name like the  mythical sirens of old.  Those gorgeous dangerous and passionate sirens wreaked havoc upon those that were not aware of their murderous intentions.  Hopefully my motorcycle only has positive ideas of adventurers and fun in mind for me.

Like every year, it is my goal to complete my 1000 mile trek to earn the coveted Iron Butt Award.  Last year it escaped me when my Harley broke down approximately 300 miles from my objective.  This year I will attempt it with a Yamaha and a totally different style bike.  My FJR is a sports tour but I did put some highway mounted engine pegs as well as risers on the bars to give it some additional comfort.  I am wondering what the comfort level will be on long jaunts with the FJR?  The year before last I tried to complete another Iron Butt Trek but a massive storm system projected Cadillac size hail out of the sky like a meteor apocalypse which stopped me in my tracks in South Carolina.  I remember it was 11pm and I hid in a bank drive through in an attempt to save my bike and my life from getting shelled by those sky fall projectiles.Troy Bayliss


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Keeping the faith of fanatics who feel fired up for anything motorcycles. It’s all about the journey and the philosophy of riding on two wheels. Let’s bring alive the truly unique culture of motorcycling and never let the ride leave the fibers of our being. View all posts by twotiretirade

11 responses to “Thinking Motorcycles

  • Thomas

    “highway mounted engine pegs”

    Where can I get me some of these? lol

    • twotiretirade

      Well they are actually mounted to the Engine Casing bolts on my FJR. Ive never seen them mounted like this on any bike that I have seen in Person. I got them from MotorcycleLarry. I guess Engine Mounted Highway Pegs would have been the better definition. Anyway, thanks for stopping in and come back any time.

  • Jude

    Love the post. You write the way I feel! We’ve had a hideous winter in France this year, plus I’d been waiting for hubby to finish his renovation project (a BMW K100RS 16 valve) so we can go biking together again. We got back on the road at last after nearly three years! Long story but in a nutshell we’d decided to sell our bikes in 2010 and try a motor-home. AAAARGH! Huge mistake and serious case of caged-tiger syndrome developed rapidly. Still trying to sell the dreaded motor-home. Hubby bought me a BMW F800ST last summer (barely ridden due to a trip to England and a ghastly winter). I’m just getting my confidence back, and loving every minute.
    So glad you and Two Tires are out of hibernation and do hope you complete the Iron Butt Award this year. We’ve done some long tours on sports tourers in the past and no probs.
    Keep it upright and between the hedges!
    Love your blog.

    Jude 🙂

  • Marg V

    Really like your blog. I, myself, came up 1hr short of the coveted IB certificate due to a thunder/lightening storm in the interior of BC while doing a 1/2 Canada run on my vstar 650 last year. There is always this year though.

    Travel safe – ride well. See you on the road

  • trueconfessionsofafemalemotorcyclist

    The year before last, I had a 2000 mile round trip beween VA, NC, SC, TN and back. This summer, I’m hoping to lead the DC Chapter of Dykes on Bikes to TN to ride the Dragon. It is all about love of the ride and good luck with your 1000 mile adventure!

  • Alex Hartson

    I’m excited to read of your FJR adventures. When I switched to a sport-touring, it was quite a difference. I haven’t completed near a 1000 journey on it since work also affects my schedule, but with those extended pegs and center of gravity I think you’re set!

  • scroungelady

    Extreme weather is what makes a trip memorable. Sunny skies and balmy temps? The trip will fade from memory.

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