A Motorcycle is a Motorcycle

Haters going to hate

My first motorcycle was a Yamaha Seca 11 (I owned it so long ago that I can’t remember the year it was).  Then I rode a 2003 Honda Shadow until I switched to a 2010 Harley Davidson FXD.  My present ride is a 2008 Yamaha .  I am not sure what bike I like the best.  They all had good attributes and did what they were designed to do without major issues.  The Yamaha Seca tended to break down a bit but I blame that on the fact that it was trashed when I purchased it.  I only had 900 dollars to spend on a bike and that was the one cycle I could afford.  The fairing was falling off, so I made it into a naked street fighter of sorts.  I tried to bolt on a front headlight which only worked half the time and I remember tearing up a canyon in Colorado when my front clutch lever fell off during a sweeping curve.  What I loved most about the Seca was it gave me an opportunity to ride for the first time in my life.

When I got back from overseas with the Military, I bought a 2003 Honda Shadow 750 ACE.  This bike was bullet proof and made me wish that I could be so brilliant as to design a motorcycle with such a miraculous service record.  In 6 years of riding not once did I ever have to mess with that bike?  My Harley was a dream come true but for some reason I felt an itch that I needed to try another out another bike which brought me to my FJR.

In the end, I don’t feel that I will ever find the perfect motorcycle or the picture-perfect style bike.  As one grows, one changes and transforms their likes and dislikes.  For me this is a daily synthesis.  I will always want to be open to new ideas, styles and change.  Sometimes for me comfort is the priority, other times it is agility and performance, then one can never overlook functionality and reliability. All I can say is that I doubt I will ever find that perfect bike but on that note, I can also safely say that I will never come across a motorcycle that I truly dislike.  The important thing is to be grateful for the opportunity to ride and feel fortunate to have what you got.  It’s a New Year and I wish all of you safe travels.  Let the ride continue!

wait for it


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Keeping the faith of fanatics who feel fired up for anything motorcycles. It’s all about the journey and the philosophy of riding on two wheels. Let’s bring alive the truly unique culture of motorcycling and never let the ride leave the fibers of our being. View all posts by twotiretirade

9 responses to “A Motorcycle is a Motorcycle

  • fiddle mike

    Have a prosperous and safe new year!

  • bikermonkey

    Great post. Love the attitude my friend. Ride Safe.

    • twotiretirade

      Bikermonkey- I don’t have good looks, I don’t have money, I don’t have intelligence or a clever wit. All I got is a positive attitude. Use what you got, I guess. Man that Texas BBQ Ride sounds so good, I should live in Texas. All we have where I am from is fried snowballs and milk duds.

      • bikermonkey

        LOL! 🙂 Texas State Fair is known for having something strange that’s fried. Do you think they will keep until September, we may have the next fried thing!

        As for the Texas BBQ Tour, we are spoiled for sure. We thought we would try just making it Texas this year, but open it up to the rest of the United States next year. Start small and learn, then go big!

  • Gecko

    Well, I am happy with my Soft-tail Deuce, now that I got a seat that moves me forward enough to be able to use the rear brakes. Not to say the Honda shadows aren’t nice because I had one too. Very dependable and easy to ride but I still love the thump of a Harley the best.

  • Scott

    True, a motorcycle is a motorcycle. You can tour on a Vespa. It just takes longer to reach your destination, but getting there is where the fun is. My first motorcycle was a Harley 125. I bought it while stationed at Charleston AFB in 1957. Not a good machine, but I sure had a lot of fun with in. I rode the South Carolina back country with it. I think back and wonder how I kept from getting my butt shot off by a moonshiner.

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