Biker Mascot


biker mascotWhen my kids were born, my wife made a decision to not ride on the motorcycle until they were self-sufficient and no longer in need of our parental support.  I cannot second guess her maternal instincts but would be lying if I told you I agreed whole hardheartedly with her decision.  For her, it’s a safety concern that has a direct impact on her children and there is no argument that will change a mother’s mind when it comes to the betterment of her kids.  So now I find myself without my lovely bride when I ride and I do miss her.  That by no means has kept me off my cycle, in actuality; I have found sublime joy in my two-wheel solace. In many ways, riding alone brings one closer to the experience. The road is your passenger and the wind becomes the conversation of the day.  As much as I like riding alone, over the last few months, I have been dwelling upon bringing a Biking Mascot along for the ride.  This is not an original thought by any means.  Out on the road, I have seen dogs and cats travel with their owners on motorcycles. The strangest animal I witnessed was a large iguana that looked better than most bikers on the cycle and could most likely ride better as well.  I’m actually surprised I have not seen any pet monkeys riding shot-gun or maybe a ferret.  For me, there would be only one choice for a mascot, my dog.  I do not have a sidecar so the only way to go about it would be to somehow mount an enclosed kennel onto the cycle.  I’m sure this can be a feasible proposition and one that I will research a bit more.  I guess the important thing is that whatever mascot a biker chooses, that the mascot enjoys riding as much as the driver.  In reality what dog wouldn’t enjoy hitting the open road?


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