We Ride for Smiles


Well this riding season is coming to an end as the weather will soon become too traumatic to ride.  All in all it was a great summer.  The constant rain that normally hammers the area where I live never came.  We were gifted with sun and warm weather bliss.  I only remember 1 time where I got caught in the rain while riding.  Last year I spent most of my summer wet and cold on two wheels.

My 9 year old son began riding with me this year on small trips.  This was in its self a miracle. My wife would never allow my son to ride but this year she cut us some slack.   I am thankful for so many things but sharing time with my son on my motorcycle is a truly welcomed gift.  The second time we rode on my cycle my son burnt his leg on the muffler while getting off the bike.  He did not scream nor make a fuss.  He did not even tell me until I noticed.  So we practiced safely getting on and off the bike so that the nasty hot muffler would never become an issue again.  We take small jaunts around rural farm land and recon different places to go fishing.  We try to talk with each other while we ride but can never understand each other over the noise of the wind and engine.  Mostly we have fun.  My younger son can’t wait till his feet reach the passenger pegs so he can begin riding.

I gave up my Harley this year for a sport- tourer which I am smitten for.  She is a Yamaha FJR with fire in her soul and an attitude to keep me in check.  With just a few tweaks I will be one with my new bike.  Hopefully there are a few more rides on the horizon before old man winters shuts me down.  Riding provides so much more than the end destination.  Riding is part hope, pare exhilaration, part Zen, and just a little bit of ecstasy rolled up in the form of two wheels.  Here is to finding smiles around every corner and path we traverse.  Keep the rubber side down!


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