Descriptive Names for the all the Bad Driving Behaviors out there.

I was on my cycle in a parking lot waiting for a friend for lunch when some yahoo drives his cage past my parking spot like a mouse on crack.  He busts a left not even seeing that he cut off another car that had the right of way.  I watched the whole thing and was amazed on how oblivious this driver was.  I would categorize this bad driver as a Space Cadet.

Last week while riding through rural farm land I saw a tan SUV crossing the yellow line into my lane about 400 yards ahead of me and approaching fast.  As the vehicle got closer it kept on eating up more of my lane from the opposite direction.  I immediately swerved my cycle to the right onto the median and decreased speed.  At this point, I am thinking to myself, “Is this wing nut trying to kill me”.  Fortunately the oncoming driver lifted her head and noticed that she had drifted into the wrong lane then swerved back into her own lane of traffic…  As she past, I saw her cell phone in her left hand.  An obvious case of texting gone wrong.  This type of bad driver is of the Death by Text variety.

I’m sure we all have stories of bad drivers.  I’m interested in any wacky names you may associate with drivers who cause such shenanigans.    Bad Drivers Suck but cool names describing their tom foolery are a small bright spot in another wise frightful highway.   Let me have your Descriptive Names for the all the bad driving behaviors out there.





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9 responses to “Descriptive Names for the all the Bad Driving Behaviors out there.

  • Alt-Shift-Enter

    How about the “I’m sorry, I can’t see you right now, I am too busy gossiping with my bestie in the passenger seat” variety. Or “indicator shindicator, who needs them!”

    And my personal least favourite – Death by sudden unannounced turn drivers.

    I think that all car drivers ought to be made to ride a motorbike or scooter as part of the learning to drive process. Maybe then they would be a little bit more aware.

    • twotiretirade

      I could not agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sometimes I wonder why they even put turn signals in cars, no driver feels the need to use them. Heck save the money on the installation of turn signals and give it to charity. It would be better off spent.

  • Tony and Sarah

    Oh yes, I have a few of these! The UK short form of Alt-Shift-Enter’s first one is SMIDSY: Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You.

    You could get rid of the wing mirrors for a load of drivers as well as the indicators…

    Some of my other usual irritants, whether on a bike or in a box:
    40 Milers – they travel at 40mph whether it’s a 60, 50 or 30 limit, completely oblivious to the rest of the world.
    Middle Lane Merchants on the motorway who don’t seem able to change lanes.
    Bumper Brigade who want to climb into your boot or on to your luggage rack.

    I could go on!

    Totally agree re getting car drivers to ride bikes for a day – would give them so much more appreciation of the road and other road users. Even though I’ve always been around bikes, I didn’t learn to ride until a few years after driving a car, and it made me a much better driver.

    • twotiretirade

      Great Reply, I am going to keep SMIDSY in the vault just in case I have the opportunity to use it.
      When ever I pass a 40 Miler, I always take a keen look at the driver. I would say 55% of the time they end up being drunk. My observations could be off, usually I cant get a good look b/c I am so scared they are going to cross the lane and hit me.

      I checked out you blog, what a great trip. Be safe out there and keep the adventures coming.

  • kaleidophonic

    One of my pet peeves are the creeps who try to squeeze into my lane when I’m blocking for a turn. I.e. I’m in a left turn lane with my turn indicator on, but I’m in the right-tire track to block space for myself during the turn, when some asshole decides there’s enough room for him to squeeze his car between me and the curb. I got into a shouting match one time with some dumb college kid who did this, he wanted to get a jump on the light so thought it would be fine and dandy to push me out of the lane to the right. WTF. Also, agree wholeheartedly that cagers should be made to learn moto skillz. The amount of times I’ve had people pull stunts that would be aggressive to car drivers but are downright dangerous to motorcyclists… not cool.

    • twotiretirade

      Yes I completely understand, heck I don’t like it when someone walks close to my cycle let alone some box squeezing me out of my chosen position. At times being in a car gives the driver of the automobile a bully mentality specially when it comes their relationship with cycles on the road. Nothing I dislike more then a Bully Mentality. Have you ever noticed those bully drivers. These are they people that drive ahead down a lane that is closing so they can barge over to the adjacent lane when their lane finally ends. They have no consideration for those they are passing knowing full well that the end of the lane is closing in a short distance. These are the same people that Rob from the Poor, Kick Puppies and Eat their Children’s Desert. Just bad ugly people. Bullies suck.

  • scroungelady

    Yeah, they are insane. It is too easy to get a driver license these days. Even if they don’t break any laws, there is no consideration of the other guy – they believe they are the only ones on the road! I am at home recovering from one of those types. T- boned on my bike, causing broken leg, ankle, and wrist.

    • twotiretirade

      Scroungelady,, I am so sorry to hear you got in an accident but also relieved that you are still in the world of the living. It can be scary at times b/c sometimes we just dont have control over certain situations and were powerless to prevent certain accidents. Not having a cage surrounding us on the road often makes us more prone to injury. I can only wish you well in your recovery. Here is a ton of positive energy heading you way. Take care and be well.

  • damiancsanders

    Don’t forget “The Peg Bundy”
    This is the gal, or guy, that is so consumed by her favorite snacks that they forget they aren’t the only ones on the road.

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