The Need for Speed

Today I took my cycle for a 70 mile jaunt to work. Normally I work out of state and do not have the opportunity to ride to work, so today was a special occasion.   The ride in its self was a two-wheel trek of bliss.  Nothing registered through my mind during that journey with the exception of the smells, sounds and adrenaline rush of the open road.  There is something about weaving in out of traffic that touches off my endorphins and makes me yearn for more.  Today while driving on the highway, I contemplated splitting traffic like they do in California.  I have not been able to do this bucket list activity but today I imagined it and wanted so much to make it happen.  Unfortunately the Art of Splitting Lanes where I live is illegal and without a license I will lose my job so splitting lanes will have to wait.  Another thing I love when riding is to go fast.  The faster I go the more I want to smile.  This is a dangerous proposition and I can see the need for speed becoming an addictive vice.  Can yearning for speed become obsessive?  I was brain storming ideas on how to keep my speed within an acceptable limit.  The best answer I came up with is buying a slower bike.


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11 responses to “The Need for Speed

  • scroungelady

    I agree going fast is fun, and often too easy. Who hasn’t gotten a speeding ticket(s) while riding their bike? I like your conclusion for a need for speed – buy a bike which you can use all of its’ capabilities. Examples would be a 250 Ninja or new 250 Honda streetbike, a Moto Guzzi or classic (new) Triumph. You get the sensation of going REALLY fast without going 100+ miles an hour. Most of us can’t react fast enough to cruise doin the ton.

  • twotiretirade

    Thanks for the visit. Ive always loved the Triumph Scrambler, the Kawasaki 650 and every other vehicle produced on two wheels. I actually have never seen a bike I have not liked. I like them all!!! My FJR is the bees knees and I will want to keep her for a while. Im thinking of trying to trade my camper for a motorcycle this winter online. I would be so happy with a second bike that had some duel sport capabilities.

  • kaleidophonic

    Have you thought of finding a speedway or racetrack nearby where you can play with speed, without worrying about traffic or cops?

  • twotiretirade

    I have been checking out several tracks but they are more then 8 hours away. Its tough to make happen but I am going to a corning school next year without fail. Anyway I can become a better rider is the way to go..I can use any all the help I can get.

  • Alt-Shift-Enter

    I can emphasise, the need for speed gets into your veins. Maybe it’s a sign of being an adrenalin junkie 🙂 You could always search out slower, twistier roads, which can be fun without breaking the speed limit. Or maybe even try some offroad stuff, I used to love going out on my road/trail bike over the rough.

  • Teryl

    Ahh, the need for speed. It is an addiction and one that can get your license taken. I used to have a good lawyer friend that could magically make tickets disappear. He called me one day a few years ago and told me he would be taking a position as a judge and wouldn’t be able to fix my need for speed any more. That next week I went and bought a 3/4 ton truck with all train tires that howl mercilessly at anything over 70 and recently replaced my M900 with a Harley. The Harley will still easily exceed the speed limit, but I find it easier to keep it in check. The things we give up to keep our license.

    • twotiretirade

      Silly police officers and their speed guns. They are always messing with my ZEN Like Joy of going fast. I figure that I could out race them on my FJR but there is no way to beat the eye in the sky nor the radio. There is no sense of keeping my bike. Im going to trade it in for a scooter or big wheels like we had when we were kids.

  • dsj photography

    Don’t give up…there are moments…places where you can relax-and-go. In the meantime, g-forces and acceleration are good.

  • ladylouwolf

    So well written and I am so familiar with my friend adrenaline. My boyfriend just will not let me ride his Agusta and I know why. I treat the Night Train alittle rough sometimes and I started riding dirt bikes in the 7th grade, a long time ago. The Need for Speed does indeed happen so yes a slower bike, I am not allowing myself to go above 700cc on my new sports bike! Love your blogs!

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