Great Riding Destination

So I was able to spend the day on the bike and wow it’s nice to get back on two wheels.  The FJR is almost flawless.  Half the fun for me is making the bike perfect for my particular riding style.  Trying to make this happen on my FJR will be more challenging then on my old Harley.  There are less aftermarket parts for the FJR and my goal is to make it a long distance sport tour.  That means I need my bike to allow me to move my feet to multiple locations and will have to move my handle bars up a few inches to decrease some stress on my wrists.  So all I need is Riser contraption for the Handlebars and some sort of Highway Pegs and I’ll have a faultless bike.

I took a long journey yesterday to the Glenn H Curtis Museum in Hammondsport, NY.  If you like classical motorcycles, airplanes, boats and cars then you will dig this place.   Figure on spending 3 hours exploring all that this place has to offer.  Glenn Curtis was a man of many trades.  He is known as the Father of Naval Aviation as he designed and built the first Flying Boat.  Being an ace pilot, designer, engineer was not enough for this man.  He also made awesome motorcycles and was recorded as the world’s fast man on two wheels on his V8 Powered Curtis Motorcycle. The museum is filled with all things cool and is worth the trip.  I have attached some photos below to show just a sample of what the museum has to offer.


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8 responses to “Great Riding Destination

  • D. D. Syrdal

    What an fascinating museum, I’ve never heard of it. I’m from the East Coast originally (Mass. & NJ) but never got up that way.

  • nwroadrat

    I love getting to know a bike and playing with adjustments. Tonight I adjusted my shifter lever. I hope you don’t end up disappointed with a sport tourer. I rarely see mods to put your feet forward on them. Keep us posted.

    • twotiretirade

      For me riding is an ever changing experiment. I love the bike and the ride so that is the most important thing. Believe it or not, I’ve already found some Highway Pegs through as well as a Riser Plate for the FJR. To be honest what I need to do is take Jessie’s advice below and lose some weight. I am not the same weight anymore as when I left the military, so the goal is to shed a few pounds which will also help me become a better rider. This style of riding is all new to me. What I would like to do is start a riding group for folks who like to ride and hike. Go for a great ride, hike a trail and finish it off with another great ride home. Anyway, who knows what this bike will turn out like after I get done with it. I also need to learn how to corner better on this ride. Cheers.

  • Jessie

    Hey there! Congratulations on your new bike! Good luck getting it set up the way you want. Bar risers should not be hard to find. Highway pegs will probably be a challenge.

    On my touring bike the lower fairing comes down too low to allow for highway pegs. Often when I need to change my foot position I change the way I put my feet on the pegs (tip toe, flat, or heel on peg) or I will just lean forward and put my feet on the passenger pegs.

    I had originally put bar risers on my bike because leaning slightly forward put too much stress on my wrists and shoulders. After joining a gym I found I didn’t need those risers anymore and I took them off. Apparently I am in better shape now so my back holds me up better and I am not leaning on my wrists anymore. A few sit-ups and Supermans daily make a big difference!

  • twotiretirade

    Great suggestion, I did not even think of using the passenger pegs. That may work. I did find some Highway Pegs for the FJR through but still unsure if I will purchase. Your right about getting into shape, that would help out. Believe it or not, since getting rid of my Harley, I have been eating better. There may be hope for me yet. Thanks for the visit.

  • scroungelady

    I like the photos from the museum. As you work on personalizing your bike, consider employing the services of a machinist/toolmaker. They can make a riser/footpeg etc which will fit your bike EXACTLY. In your area there should be lots of people with milling machines, etc in their garage or basement.

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