Obstacles and the Art of the Work Around….Can you say 1000 Miles in 24 Hours



We all have objectives, goals and missions in life that we want to accomplish and overcome.  These tasks are an important part of our persona.  For some of us it’s a moral imperative that we succeed.  For others, our list of things we want to accomplish is more of a general guide line of things to do more than a mandated requirement.  In my youth I never really had a set of goals that I needed to accomplish.  Unfortunately or fortunately (depending upon your point of reference) I never had the foresight or focus to concern myself with a priority list of objectives.  My whole life had been more like, ooopppss; I need to get this done.  My theory of life was “accomplishing my mission one surprise at a time”.  I think of all the things I have done in my past and I can say that I never pre-planned on doing something before jumping head first into it.   For example, I spent two years volunteering with AmeriCorps after college.  I never planned on being in AmeriCorps until the day before I applied.  The story goes like this.  I was walking home intoxicated from the bar one night and cut a corner short and ran into a wall.  I looked up to yell at the wall and saw an AmeriCorps Brochure just hanging there.  The next day I downloaded an AmeriCorps Application, completed it and sent it in.  The next two years I spent volunteering.  The experiences I gained during these years made me into the person I am today.

For the last 10 years I have worked for the same Large Company and I have focused mostly on succeeding in a very competitive corporate arena. The funny thing is that during this time I succeeded but lost a part of myself during the process.  Now a days I want more than corporate successes.   I want to ride my motorcycle more.  Not only do I want to ride more, I want to live more of that two-wheel life style that makes one smell gasoline fumes while he sleeps.  I want to live life to its fullest without life’s burdens dragging me down.  I want to thrive on the oxygen I breathe with every inhale.  That is my goal.  That spontaneity of my youth has disappeared in my declining years due to the wrong focus. I’ve put too much focus on work, pre-planned meetings, business trips, report dead-lines and other corporate mandated pains.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my job and my life but that does not mean the rest of me must dwell in darkness.  I love my children and wife and I made a commitment to support them and I am privileged and fortunate enough to do it.  I don’t want to give that up.  My goal is to let live that youthful vibrant energy I had in the past but still be able to provide for my loved ones.  No I cannot ride all day and night till my heart’s content but I can manage a work around to propel my family forward while burning the fuel of my two-cylinder dreams.

Some Obstacles Cannot Be Over Come But Every Obstacle Can Be Circumnavigated by a Work Around or Compromise.  I am a dreamer and a realist rolled up in one which means that I understand that in life there may be tasks that we can never accomplish.  With that said, the dreamer in me knows that there is always a way to work around the obstacle in some way to get the job done in one form or another.  For example, our task may be to jump over Lake Erie.  In this scenario Lake Erie is the Obstacle, the task is to jump over one of the largest fresh water bodies of water on the planet.  It does not matter how much we try and practice it will be impossible to jump over the lake.  Now it is possible build a boat and sail over the lake.  We worked around a solution and our end game of getting to the other side of the lake was accomplished.  Life is much more complicated than that simple analogy but the logic is true none the less.  For me my goal is to be more a motorcyclist and less a corporate sell out but without giving up the ability to provide for a family I love.  Through Work Arounds and Compromises this can be achieved.  With that said, by the end of the month my goal is to accomplish 1000 Miles in 24 Hours on my cycle in accordance with IBA Standards (http://www.ironbutt.com).  Wish me luck!


Outlive Mediocrity, Awaken the Dream and Become the Spark of the Devine


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