Looking for Random Places to Visit, Like the Shoe Tree

Last Friday I took off on a quest to find the mysterious Shoe Tree that was rumored to be in existence not to far from my home.  My friend Jeff who is a local in these parts told me about it and I immediately thought he was messed up on narcotics.  It goes to find out there were actually 4 trees growing shoes only about 90 minutes from my home.  The journey to this ludicrous site was also a terrific ride through scenic apple orchard country.  The temperature was sunny and warm and you could almost smell summer in the rural rustic air.  A cool destination with perfect weather equals a marvelous ride and this is what I strive for on every sojourn.  Why do a few trees entrenched with dangling shoes interest me?  Most likely the same reason why I want to see the Worlds Largest Ball of Yarn, a Two Headed Cow, or  a Home Designed Like a Shoe.  None of these items have any historical or cultural value.  I guess random objects just peak my interest.  The quirkier the scene the more I like it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a diehard history buff as well.  My cycle usually finds its self at random battlefields and historical sites.  In fact about two years ago I drove my cycle to Gettysburg and walked the hollowed grounds at midnight.  The quest was to find ghosts but if they were there it was so dark I could not see them.  Wow it would have been cool to see a specter hanging out on my Harley.  They say Gettysburg is the most haunted place in the United States but I have been there 6 times and the closest thing I saw to a ghost was a 3 legged dog which was still very much alive.

Back to the Shoe Tree; I goggled it to figure out what the story was about it and found out that there are a plethora of them located throughout the country.  To be honest there is nothing amazing about the Shoe Tree.  For me it’s just another different place to see which gives me an excuse to jump on my bike and go for an impeccable ride.  If you know of any random weird strange place to visit then let me know about it.  Ride hard, Ride well, Ride often!



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