Why Can’t I Have a Portable Motorcycle that Fits in my Suitcase?

I just got back from South Texas where I have been working for the last 3 weeks.  My bike was no where to be found during my time away which was deplorable to say the least.  Would it not be perfect if one could pack their ride in their luggage so they never had to leave their bike home?  What makes it worse is that the weather on the border of Mexico and Texas was absolutely perfect for riding.   Extreme jealously is the best way to describe the feeling I felt when I saw all those wondrous bikes fly past me while I worked.  It makes me reflect on the fact that I am fortunate beyond measure to have a motorcycle at all.  It took me 33 years to afford my first ride and even then I only was only able to buy a used beat up1998 Yamaha Seca.  The purchase was made with the money left to me by my Grandmother who passed away.  When I got back from Iraq in 2004, I purchased my first new bike, a Honda Shadow which I kept six good years.  In reality, it would not matter what cycle I owned, as long as it ran, I would be happy.

I did have an opportunity to spend a few hours in Mexico while in South Texas.  Nuevo Progreso is a favorite weekend getaway for many South Texans. Everything is within walking distance, so most people park on the US side and walk across the bridge. There is a parking lot on either side of the road right before the bridge and the cost is $2 for all day.   Walking is by far the best option.  I went across the border early in the morning but the difference between the United States and Mexico was like night and day.  Being in Mexico was phenomenal, in many ways I wish I could have spent a few months there.  Nuevo Progreso has a reputation of being very safe but I had a nagging suspicion that I was in harm’s way during my visit.  Most likely my paranoia was a side of effect of PTSD but it was a feeling I had none the less.   There were a ton of people telling me not to go across but in the end it was an enjoyable time.  If you want cheap Harley Shirts, this is the place you want to go.   Once I got back home it was light snow and rather brisk.  So here is to spring and the onslaught of summer.  Hopefully you have your bike ready to ride to the nearest adventure.   Let the shine of the sun warm the cool air so our tires may safely breach the pathways of our dreams.



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