To Speed or Not to Speed

For some reason in my declining years, I have been yearning more and more speed.  When I first began riding about ten years ago, I never pondered getting into the triple digits on my bike.   Now I day-dream about it quite often and have even contemplated trading in my cruiser for a Katana.  My guess is that I am going through some sort of midlife crisis.  The fact of the matter is that there is no reason why I should be going that fast.  It’s beyond my skill set and if I lose my license, I will also lose my job.   One thing I would like to do is take an Advanced Riders Course.  That is my goal for 2012.  Where I live is rather flat and lacks curvaceous roads.  When I first started riding, I lived in the Rocky Mountains.  I miss the smell of the mountain air, the feeling of hair pin turns while riding 6000 foot above sea level.  So maybe more than speed, I could use some more adventurous terrain.

When driving we really need to stay grounded and know our limits.  Once we become over-confident then we’ll surely go down.  After doing a little research, I found that the most dangerous situation for motorcyclist is when a cage is turning left.  Remember that autos turning left are a true threat to any motorcyclist.  About 42 Percent of all motorcycle accidents involve this precarious situation.  I assume all cars turning left do not see me until I make eye contact with the driver.

Back to speed again.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway safety, ” Supersport” Cycles have a nearly four times higher death rate than for drivers of other types of motorcycles.  These bikes have a crazy amount of horsepower and are built on racing platforms.  Speeding is a major contributing factor in these fatal crashes.  So it’s all about personal choice.  A risk vs. reward analysis needs to be measured and calculated for all drivers to determine if one wants to push the envelope on the open road.  I figure I only have one life to live and would like to make it last for a while but I still want an occasional adrenaline rush along the way. I guess if one really wants to get their Speed On then the best place to do it would be their local track days.  Be safe, drive hard and let the ride continue!


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11 responses to “To Speed or Not to Speed

  • Cupcakes and Kickstarts

    Sounds to me like you have the perfect attitude! I wholeheartedly agree, get some coaching and take it to the track.

    It’s the safest place to learn how to handle a weapon like a Katana, then you can treat yourself to a holiday with some more challenging terrain.

    But yes, watch out for cops. It’s very sad having to watch your bike be loaded onto a tow truck and call your partner to come get you!

    • twotiretirade

      It would be great if the USA had like 15 designated roads spread across the country without a speeding limit. We could visit these roads at our leisure to get our need for speed out of our system. If I am ever President that will be the first change I make.

  • nwroadrat

    hmm…good reminder about speed. When approaching that car waiting to take their left, I still get that uncomfortable feeling when passing through.

  • Iron Rose - Solo Biker Chick

    I assume the cagers don’t see me even if they are looking right at me. I always assume I’m invisible.

    I agree with your statement that “maybe more than speed, I could use some more adventurous terrain.” But if speed it is, find a track day.

    Do they have track days for cruisers? They should!

  • mikeswede

    It’s been suggested you go to track. Great idea! You can learn a lot from a little 250 sport bike.
    Another suggestion would be, get a trail bike! Trail riding has been some the most fun I have ever had.

  • twotiretirade

    It would be so cool to have a Trail Bike. Oh ya riding in the forest, tent in the hard bag and dinner near the fire, that is what I am talking about!

  • JT

    I know exactly how you feel about having a specific road you can use to get the need for speed out of your system, the UK doesn’t have any such roads either.

    I used to own a 600cc Suzuki and on occassions had the need to give it a blast, I had just over triple figures but was the same as you, I felt I didn’t have enough skill to handle a bike at that kind of speeds, and was always worried that I would get caught and lose my licence… getting my licence is one of the best things I have ever done. Due to financial issues I unfortunately had to get rid of my bike and miss it so much.

    I too would like to get a Trail Bike and camp out under the stars. Sounds like a plan does that.

    Anyways, cool story, and blog. Keep it coming.


  • goodcatmoto

    Race track.
    Can’t beat it.

    I touched 167mph on a straight at a track. You can feel your eyeballs pushing back in your skull.

    Highly recommend that feeling at least once.

  • paulcharron11

    When I’m in the cage, I’m much braver than on the bike! The feeling of being “in the wind” that I love so much, also keeps me grounded when I feel like twisting the throttle as far as it will go. Of course, my old EVO motor won’t get me anywhere near scary!:)

    I wrote an article about riding beyond your ability over at our blog at

    Take care, Paul

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