Its all about the small things in life

It’s cold in the North East but I was able to take my cycle on a short ride today.  I avoided the ice spots on the road by looking for the sharp glare of light reflecting off the slippery spots on the road.  The next danger to be avoided is loose sand and salt put on the pavement when it snows.  This stuff can be treacherous while navigating on two wheels around corners.  It’s the frigid cold biting at my finger tips and toes that make me realize that I am grateful for this short winter jaunt in January.  Normally this time of year brings mounds of ice and snow and the sun hibernates till May.  It’s not a long ride but it’s a chance to do what makes me happy.  Riding is like drinking cool water on a long hot desert hike.  It mends the soul and refreshes the mind.  Take the time to be grateful for the unexpected small things in life.

A winter ride on my cycle

The warmth of my wife’s smile

My children’s laugh

The funny snore my dog makes while in a deep slumber

A good family board game on a cold afternoon

NFL Playoff Games

A conversation with my Father

An unexpected funny text from a friend far away

Cupcakes with vanilla frosting

The thought of riding a cycle in Florida in the middle of winter (a trip yet to come)…..


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9 responses to “Its all about the small things in life

  • fiddle mike

    Stay sharp, I guess you know that sand can be invisible.

  • Rup

    Totally true man. The small things in life are definitely the ones that make the best memories.
    Enjoy your trip in Florida.
    As for epic journeys on two wheels.. I’m going to the Himalayas end of this year. Starting in India, through Kashmir and Pakistan and back into Punjab. It is going to be intense. I will be crossing Rohtang pass, worlds 2nd highest road.

    • twotiretirade

      Rup- Your journey will be surely be epic. Riding Rohtang Pass will be a ride that dreams are made of. Be safe and have that once in a life time adventure! Let us know how it turns out…

  • nwroadrat

    I immediately recognized the tear drop headlight meaning…Indian. I may try and get mine out today, but unsure at the moment.

  • Joe Crivelli

    Agree 100%. It was 60 degrees in Philly on Saturday. So I did something I’ve never done before – un-winterized the bike and went for a nice long ride! Then on Sunday, I spent the whole day skiing. What a great, GREAT weekend!!!

  • Joe Crivelli

    Hey BTW – do you want a couple tickets to the NYC Motorcycle Show? If so, send me a DM on Twitter or email me.

  • Amy Christine

    You definitely need to make that riding during the winter in Florida trip happen!! Our Florida “winters” are one that most people dream about as they look outside at a foot of snow. We have been lucky this year as it hasn’t been too cold. Couple of days here and there. Not many other places do you see riders in jeans and t-shirts in the middle of January.

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