A Winter Ride to Albion, NY

On the first of December, I took a long ride to Albion, NY to visit a buddy of mine.  It’s not often that we get an opportunity to ride our cycles in December in these parts.  One must grasp the opening when it presents its self.  Albion is a great small town with a ton of character.   The village became a boom town in the days of the Erie Canal and has a world famous cemetery.  The Mount Albion Cemetery was first built in 1840 and is the resting place of one Georgia State Governor and nine Congressmen.   Along with its famous inhabitants, is a Civil War Memorial.  This phenomenal tribute to the soldiers who fought to save this country is worth the trip alone.  One can walk up the spiral stair case of the memorial and at the top be rewarded with the most beautiful view of Orleans County.

Here are some facts about Albion, NY

In 1937, resident Charlie Howard established a world famous Santa Claus School at his Albion farmhouse, the first school of its kind. He was considered the Dean of the Santa Claus School with a worldwide reputation for turning out top-notch St. Nicks.

In 1860, Albion resident, Grace Bedell (1848-1936) wrote Abraham Lincoln suggesting he would look better with a beard. He responded and took her advice.

Journalist and former hostage, Terry Anderson grew up in Albion during the 1950’s.

Donald Duck’s original creator, Henry L. Porter (1901-1951) was born in Albion. He joined Disney Studios as an artist in 1936 and was a contributing animator of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


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