Through the shadows of life, we may find that we are not on the path we were meant to be.  We can get lost as we traverse life’s many trails and obstacles.  Sometimes we are so focused on our own goals and ambitions that we are clueless to the fact that we have lost our way.  I truly believe that we all must step back every once in a while and re-evaluate our place in life and redefine our future aspirations.  When doing so we must reflect upon our whole life’s experiences and inquire upon how our past has persuaded us to do the things we have done and ask how our personal experiences have affected our future plans.  With wisdom and the experience of life our perceptions and attitudes may change.  When our perceptions of the past change we may need to re-evaluate our future plans.  With that in mind, one must view the hazy memories of yesterday to see clearly where we may want to go tomorrow.

When I was younger I would run.  During these early morning jogs, I found that my mind was able to clearly ponder the journey of life and through these reflections was able to become more grounded in the here and now.  Today the same can be said about riding my motorcycle.  When I am on the open road, my mind is able to freely meditate and I feel less burdened with life’s toils and troubles.  So in the winter, when I am unable to ride, my whole being feels restricted and anxious.  I guess there are a few remedies.  The first is that I could start running again which would help clear the mind, soul and arteries.  The second choice is to move south where I could ride all year round.  The last would be to self-medicate until spring.  So maybe I need to begin running again.

One last thought.  The human populace in general tends to focus too much on the end game. We always feel that we need to be thinking 5 steps ahead of the present time.  Off course this is sound judgment but there must be times that we just seize the day and live for the now.  I call it the WDF Theory of Life.   If over used this theory can lead to bankruptcy, divorce, unemployment and premature death but if used in a thoughtful and frugal, manner then it can lead to a zest for life, adventure, and fun.  WDF theory of life says forget about tomorrow and live for today.  Make today the most important element of life.  The problem that we have is that we always let the burdens of tomorrow ruin or bring down our life that we should be living today.  This does not mean that we don’t pay our bills or go to work or do the things we all must do to survive.  It means that we make a conscious effort to see life’s most vibrant colors today and every day.  Don’t just live for Friday Nights or a vacation once a year; make life an everyday journey of adventure and betterment.   We were put on this earth to become better people, to learn from our experiences and to grow from our mistakes.  We are also meant to live, dance, laugh, play and breathe the free air.  Were all meant to smile.


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