Yesterdays Motorcycle was a HUFFY

Why do motorcyclist love motorcycles? I am sure it differs for most but there has to be some common threads which bind our mutual passion for riding. For me it started when I learned how to ride a bike. My parents made sure I did not get a motor bike so I substituted V-twin power with pedal power. Back then it was the freedom which I enjoyed. I grew up in a rural area and the closest store was 6 miles away. My elementary school was 18 miles away and my nearest school buddy was not in walking range. My HUFFY was the only way I was going get anywhere. My bicycle equaled opportunity to do what I wanted. It gave me the freedom to travel on my own path, on my own schedule. As long as I was willing to pedal, the world was my playground. Over the years my love of bicycles transformed into a love of Motorcycles. I think for me it’s still the freedom which I enjoy most. Not really the same type of freedom as in my youth but freedom none the less.
I think I need to end this commentary with a special shout out to my old HUFFY. Thanks for the good times, without you I may not be riding my cycle today. 


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