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Here are some photos I took while working in Maine and New Hampshire over the last few weeks. I love the beach, even in the winter. My suggestion, go find a beach and watch the sun as it rises beyond the horizon. Let your mind drift while you listen to the waves sing their majestic melody. It’s a song filled with splashing dreams and wondrous sounds. I walked the beach for a predawn sojourn the other day and my gift was a most splendid peaceful sunrise. Despite the chill, the experience was absolutely amazing. It was glacial cold but I did not even notice because the sunrise took me away from myself. Sometimes all we need is just a little change in scenery.

Beach and Faris





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Kick Failure in the Mouth

Army Bobber


An act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success

We often take photos and selfies of the moments in our lives that seem most precious. Photos of weddings, graduations, parties and other positive pleasant moments are the popular choice for most personal pictures. It makes sense, we want to remember the good times. We want to be able to reflect upon those moments of great triumph and happiness. Maybe are society should make a paradigm shift with this positive snapshot philosophy. Instead of taking selfies and photos during the good times, maybe we should take them during the bad times to make a historical record of our personal failures. If we could better remember all those letdowns and disappointments, then maybe we as a society could better appreciate the good times we have. I was born a pessimist so this goes along with my natural inclination to be negative. I have fought to think from a Positive, HALF FULL perspective my whole life, but my mind often drifts towards that Half Empty theory of thought.

Today I shall be negative but only to celebrate my failure.

Can someone really celebrate failure? I believe we all can. Take ownership of the task not completed and share it with the world. Have fun with the disappointment and make everyone wonder why you are still smiling. Then reevaluate the situation, analyze why the battle was lost from a macro and micro level. One can’t fight the battle using the same strategy when failure was the previous result. To change the conclusion, one must play another hand. It’s also important to contemplate the value of your objective and ponder its own merits. Then sit down and really pray, dwell and evaluate whether that task is worthy of a second attempt. If the answer is yes, then get back on that horse and tackle it.

So my goal is to run a marathon. My plan was to train for a year and run the race in early 2016. I spent the month of December running, exercising, dieting. I was a 30 day fitness fanatic. It was a month of success but shortly after the New Year, I just fell off the fitness horse and settled back to my slothful like tendencies.

Over the last week, I have re-evaluated my goal of running a marathon and came up with the below questions and answers.

Question-            Is the goal of running a marathon still worth fighting for?

Answer-               Yes, I want to accomplish this task

Question-            Is the goal of running a marathon feasible?

Answer-               Yes, but I must segment the task into smaller blocks, focus on a mile at a time

Question-            Why did you stop training?

Answer-               I was focused on losing weight more than running and doing too much too soon


So it’s time to start training again. This post is about my set back, blogs can’t always be good news. Moments of pixies and dandelions are great but let’s be honest; in life there are moments of failure, worry, toil, hardship and scorn. I am sad that I have let myself veer from my own convictions but feel proud that I have the courage and motivation to give it a second chance.

Circling back to my first paragraph, there is no need to take photos of our failures. Our memories are all too good at committing negative recollections into our psyches. If anything, undesirable remembrances persist for far too long in our minds. They normally do us more harm than good. Reflecting on the sorrowful times of yesterday, only guarantees us more of the same in the future. I will celebrate my failures, learn from them, and endeavor to discard them. Anyone for a run???


The good news is that motorcycling season is right around the corner. Lets Ride!!!!


Try Paintballing


It’s cold and blustery outside today, so we took off to an indoor paintball arena. It was me and my two sons out to find some needed adrenaline. Winter has a way of making one cranky so one needs to find a way to get out of the house and do something nutty and fun. Paintball is awesome because it has a sense of danger, mixed with competition and exercise. The danger comes from the dreaded paintball hit. When you get shot, it feels like someone slapped you across the face. Not only does is sting but it can leave a nasty bruise as well. But it’s that burst of pain when the paintball finds your body which makes your adrenaline flow. I am in my mid-forties but I was out there with teenagers, twenty something’s and teens and having a blast. Any Paintball facility will make you wear a safety mask which covers your eyes and ears but wear gloves as well. A hit to the tip of the finger is robust pain. Wear gloves to help protect your digits, they will save you some embarrassment when you start crying from a hit to the index finger. I am slow and out of shape but I still had a pretty good kill ratio. Maybe I did not forget all of that military training.

I have been exercising pretty much every day over the last 27 days and have only eaten healthy food. With the exception of one glass of milk, all I have drunk is water. I lost approximately 9 pounds but have done so without going hungry which is great. While playing paintball, I got extremely winded.  I believe it would have been 15 times worst if I have not been training every day in December. So I just have to keep on taking those baby steps forward to 26 Miles. What is most important is having fun along the journey.

How can I mix my love of paintball with my passion for motorcycling? Maybe some sort of Mad Max Style Motorcycle Jousting Tournament. Just substitute the horse for a motorcycle and a lance with a Paintball Gun. It could be massive fun with a ton of crashed cycles and broken bones. Maybe it’s not my best idea but it would be fun!


1000 Miles in 24 Hours, A Great Way to See Colorado


Adventure 1

Just signed up for Colorado Classic 1000 on June 20-21, 2015. The event is being put on by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado. Motorcycling one thousand miles in 24 hours through the Colorado Rockies, how could I say no? Completing an Iron Butt Association, SaddleSore Event has been something I wanted to do for a while. A few years ago I was on my 700th mile when my Harley decided to rupture an oil seal which sidelined my efforts. I was a sad panda that fateful day but my failure was only a temporary setback. Completing the Colorado Classic 1000 will not only be a challenge but will be filled with awe-inspiring scenery which will highlight the sublime beauty of Colorado. This is a perfect place to challenge one’s self in an epic long distance jaunt. My Yamaha FJR is not as comfortable as my old Harley but it has cornering characteristics which will excite the dead. The key will be to prepare for the physical endurance aspect of the ride which I am currently doing with my fitness program. If I keep up with my training, I should be definitely be prepared physically for this event. The rally is more than 6 months away but I am so psyched.

If you’re interested in riding in this event sign up fast. The Colorado Classic 1000 only accepts 60 riders on a first come, first serve basis. Even know it’s put on by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado, you don’t need a BMW Cycle to participate in the event. Any motorcycle will do. Once more cool thing is it’s an Iron Butt Association sanctioned event, so it’s a bit easier to get your SaddleSore 1000 Certificate of Completion compared to doing it on your own.

It does bring up a good question, why would anyone want to ride 1000 miles in 24 hours? It’s not like it will be a comfortable journey, not to mention the goal will stretch ones ability to endure. A rider must fight off fatigue and complacency. It’s easy on a long trip to wander off and day-dream which can be perilous on a mountain road while riding in low light. For me, it’s about taking on a challenge which is not easy while blending that goal with my love of motorcycling. The thought of it gets my adrenaline flowing. Long rides by their very nature tend to help us get away from the ugliness of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love short rides as well but a journey that has some distance lets me relax and puts me at ease. The people who would be interested in such an activity as well interest me. These are motorcyclist which will have similar perspectives and riding habits as myself. It should make for a pleasant quirky adventure.

Adventure 2

Squash It


It was a cold ride today in Colorado. When I took off my boots today after my two-wheeled jaunt, I half expected my toes to have fallen off. Luckily they remained on my feet, right where I left them. I did not even notice how cold my feet were till I got to my destination. Once the cycles engine stopped purring, I was like “wow, I’m freezing”. It’s funny because I did not notice till the ride was finished. Our minds are a powerful force and have an innate ability to filter out all sorts of environmental feedback to keep us progressing forward. My mind today was thinking that I really needed to be out riding on my cycle, so it did not recognize I was cold until the ride was done.

I love the quote from Act 2, Scene 2 of Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” As much as our minds can filter out the negative noise they can also do the same for positive thoughts and perspectives from our environment. It seems to be a two-way street and it’s up to us to somehow manipulate our brain’s filter, so we can maintain a positive world perspective. In life we can easily slip down a dark negative pattern of thought and when this occurs, it can be hard to train your brain to look at the bright side of life.

By no means am I a psychologist but I did learn a trick early in life that can help with controlling negative thoughts in our minds. Back in the military when I was going through tough times and I wanted to quit, I used a visualization technique to help control these negative feelings. When I thought of a negative feeling or idea, I would actually visualize the negative thought. In my mind, I would then visualize Squashing the Negative Feeling/Thought with my Foot. I was actively telling my subconscious that those negative ideas would not be tolerated. For example, after a few dozen times of thinking about quitting and Squashing the Negative Idea in my mind, I eventually stopped thinking of giving up and began to focus on ways to succeed.

This technique got me through a lot of tough situations and gave me the ability to endure when I wanted to quit.

My quest continues to run a marathon. It’s slow going but there is definitive progress. I’ve been mixing daily gym trips with good eating habits. I have been soda/junk food free for 19 days. The amazing thing is that I feel 40 pounds lighter even know I have only lost a total of seven pounds. I really could care less about losing weight, it’s about protecting my knees and achieving a proper fitness level so that my body can carry me 26 miles. I figure I want to get down another 28 pounds to give my body a fighting chance to run the distance. I am just going to keep focused on baby steps. My first goal is to run 20 minutes without walking, then after that, celebrate my success and increase my fitness goals.


Being Able to See is Over Rated, this Helmet Rocks

Being Able to See is Over Rated, this Helmet Rocks


First Eight Days to Twenty Six Miles

Bruce Lee

Coca-Cola has been an addiction of mine for as long as I could remember. In the Army I would easily go through a 12 pack of coke a day. Back then, I preferred my coke in cold cans. Don’t ask me how I found soda in the desert. My platoon had no showers, air conditioning, toilets or hot food but I always found a way to guzzle down cokes.  In college, I switched from the 12 oz. cans to the 20 oz. plastic bottles. For the last 10 years of my life, I have had at least two 20 oz. bottles of coke a day.   On many days, I would consume much more than that. Once I discovered Coca-Cola in the 20 oz. plastic bottles, I could never go back to drinking coke out of the can. The taste between the can and plastic bottle was unmistakable. I am what one may call a “SODA SNOB”. I drank soda like water and it has made me slow and soft. In an effort to achieve my goal of running a marathon, I decided to give up my habit of ingesting soda. Being 43 years old and grossly overweight, it’s just not prudent for me to be running like Forest Gump with a Santa Belly and thighs that rub together like two pieces of sand paper. If I am going to achieve my overall goal, I must eat in a healthy manner. I also need to lose weight so that my knees don’t implode due to unmanageable stress.

I have been Soda free for 8 days now and have only drank water or skim milk since my last coke. This has not been easy. For the first 5 days without coke, I was rude, mean and nasty. The crankiness that ensued was real, profound and ugly. I would rather get kicked in the giblets rather than quit drinking soda again. After 5 days, the crankiness wavered and I became depressed. I guess I was just sad that I could not taste that fuzzy acidic goodness that I so much desired. On my eighth day without soda, I feel somewhat normalized. I am not craving Coca-Cola every second and I’m back to my normal quirky self.

I also joined a gym and began a running program. I’m starting slow using the “Learn How to Run App” on my phone. It’s been an interesting 8 days but I dropped 4 pounds and began to jog in a slow docile way. It’s all about the baby steps and celebrating the little things. I can tell you that I feel better than I did 8 days ago so that is a big plus…….

Goal- Einstien

Goals- Socrates

Act On It


I wrote a blog post a few months back about staying in touch with your dreams. It was a post from my heart and really did exhibit all that I felt when I wrote it. It has been a re-occurring theme in my life to feel an intense amount of passion regarding my theories and philosophies but at times, I tend to lack a certain amount of conviction to see my passions to fruition. Since I have last posted my diatribe on Keeping Ones Dreams Alive, I have done nothing at all to follow through on my own goals. When I was 17 years old, I made a bucket list. In my youth, I never thought I would live to see 40, so I worked that Bucket List down with a fervid conviction. I am proud to say that I only have 3 unmet objectives from my original bucket list. One of them is to run and finish a marathon. This dream is truly far off from a reality for me. I am about 40 pounds overweight and have not exercised in about a year. I get tired walking my dog and have not met an ice cream cone I won’t eat. I am the strict definition of “The Guy Who Has Let Himself Go”. Now in my own defense, I am not inherently lazy, I just have put my heart and soul into my work over the last decade and any free time was devoted to my family or to motorcycling. My workaholic tendencies and a blatant disregard for my own health has wreaked havoc on physical conditioning. I kind of feel like one of those guys on “Biggest Loser” who used to be healthy but finds themselves to be a mound of jello.

It’s about focusing my will on something I cared about when I was 17 and still care about today. It’s about not just thinking about my dreams but acting upon them with a quest to fulfill the moment before the moment is gone. The days of wasted time will be no more, it’s time to complete a marathon or go down trying. It won’t happen overnight. Given my health, I will set my initial time-table at a year to get it done.

I will use my blog to track my progress so feel free to keep me honest and I apologize to diverge from my normal theme of motorcycling. Well now that I think about it, motorcycling brought me to my last post of keeping ones dreams alive which has transgressed to today’s post on how one MUST ACT Upon his dreams. So in reality, I can thank my love of motorcycling for the journey I am about to begin.



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