Failure at Crooked Creek Pass, Colorado

Wild Horse Madness and the City of Silver: A TwoTireTirade Production

Sublime Healing Landscape

Photos taken today while exploring the wonderous bounties of nature in Colorado.  The sights and sounds of nature can bring tranquility to the most turbulent inner struggles

Always remember that peace can be found, sometimes we just need to go find it……..

Found the Ghost Town of Apex, Colorado- Just another YouTube Video

Motorcycle Adventure- Grave Yard, Scary Buildings and Old Mining Dirt Roads

Just Completed a YouTube Video on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

I am just a novice at making YouTube Videos but I have fun doing them, so why not. Any suggestions and or comments, feel free to share!!!

Two Weeks Down for the Rest of my Life

Fitness Update- 3

Over the past week I have genuinely been morphed into a confused state of being.  Even know my body has gone through all the previous withdrawals of caffeine and sugars, I find myself subconsciously looking in the fridge or pantry for junk food and genuinely feel surprised and upset that there is none to be found.  Then I wake up into a conscious state not even remembering searching for snacks and treats in the fridge.  It’s crazy, that my body just plunders for food almost by muscle memory.  I found that my stomach is not a huge fan of the lack of red meats and carbohydrates and tends to revolt against anything green and leafy.  I will eat a salad and have a bit of a stomach ache for about 15 minutes.  I found I was drinking too much water and had to reduce my intake given I was working out in public throughout the day and was having trouble finding restrooms.  I guess you can never have to much water, but I think I cam up with a nice balance. 

When I am hungry, I eat but what I put in my mouth is something healthy instead of bag full of chips or a dozen cookies.  When I am thirsty, I drink but instead of soda, I drink water.  I think cutting out soda is the biggest and best change not only for my body but for my wallet.  When I add in all the money I spent on soda at restaurants and drinks throughout the day, I figure I was spending about 7 bucks a day on Soda.  That is about 49 dollars a week, $210 a month in savings just from stopping something that is totally unhealthy.  I am a soda addict, so I know I drink more then the normal person, but for me that is real money.

One strange observation I noticed is I have not watched TV or YouTube as much since I started eating healthy.  I have reduced my recreational media consumption about half since I began my quest.  I gather that I enjoyed eating, drinking and snacking more then I liked watching TV.  So, allot of that screen time was more about eating unhealthy foods more than relaxing in front of the television.  This observation is fascinating and really tells a story on how one’s eating habits can really affect all aspects of their lives.  Lately instead of watching YouTube or a movie, I have been walking instead. 

Regarding my quest to run a marathon, I have progressed to walking more then 60 minutes at time at a brisk pace.  This may not seem like a big accomplishment but when I began, I was only walking for about 30 minutes.  I surely could have pushed myself harder at the beginning, but this goal was based upon a long-term strategy to get myself prepared for 26.2 miles of running mayhem.  The key, is to do this in a safe, slow meticulous manner.  My strategy is exemplified in a statement I made last week, “The end objective can only be accomplished with a million little victories which proceed it.”  It will be a slow process, but if I constantly push forward, my splendid objective will transpire. 

Here is my progress chart for week 2 below.  I think it’s important to keep a general daily log of my progress and regressions through this pursuit. I still need to loose more weight before I begin to run in an effort to save my knees and hips.

One Week Down, A Life Time to Go

Fitness Update 2

Do miracles exist, I have always thoughts so; one just needs to open their eyes to see them.  10 days ago, I would have never thought it possible to take the fateful steps forward to achieve my goal to run a marathon.  Over the last week, I have remained steadfast in working my plan of exercise and healthy eating.  It really comes down to making this long-term goal a top priority in my life.  It’s a plan of great length and must be tempered with patience and conviction.  I really did not accomplish a ton this week but It’s all about celebrating the small things.  The end objective can only be accomplished with a million little victories which proceed it. 

 My past diet consisted of fast food, red meats, processed foods, snacks, chips and soda.  I was drinking about a six-pack worth of soda a day and that is a conservative estimate.  When I cut out sugar and caffeine out of my diet, my body had withdrawals.  There was about 3 days’ worth of headaches and general crankiness but once that subsided, I really started to feel good.  To me healthy eating means no junk foods, only drink water, drastically reduce carbs, eat plenty of vegetables and salads.  Healthy eating will help me get into better shape, lose weight and will hopefully reduce the risk of a heart attack as I endeavor to complete my quest.  I really don’t care about the weight loss with the exception that I can’t run at my current body weight given my knees and hips would mutiny under the strain caused by my obesity.  So, the plan is to do low impact exercise until I can get to a place physically to begin a running schedule.   In the meantime, this will give my heart and other muscles a chance to gain strength and endurance in a safe and prudent manner.  This process will take persistence.   After the caffeine withdrawal subsided, I genuinely started to feel better and more energetic. This may be from drinking water and being properly hydrated.  I am also starting to sleep better at night and don’t yearn for naps during the day.  (TMI alert), I noticed that I have been having more frequent bowel movements and generally feel less bloated.   My body does have some muscle pain and I have had miscellaneous cramps but in general I just feel more healthy and mentally awake.  It’s only been a week but the positive changes that I have felt throughout my world view are genuinely life revitalizing.

Here is my progress chart below that I track daily and will post every Monday.  I think its important to keep a general daily log of my progress and regressions through this pursuit.

DateNo Soda, No Junk FoodWork OutOnly Drink WaterEat Healthy
6/29/20Yes30 minute walk on the tredmill (Morning), 30 minute walk outside (evening)YesYes
6/30/20 Yes30 Minute walk outside (Morning), 36 Minute walk in the eveningYesYes
7/1/20 Yes30 minute walk (morning), 30 Minute walk (evening)YesYes
7/2/20 Yes42 minutes walk (morning) , 42 minute walk (evening)YesYes
7/3/20 Yes42 minute walk (morning), 40 morning walk (evening),YesYes
7/4/20 Cheat Day41 Minute Walk (morning), 38 Minute Walk (morning)YesCheat Day
7/5/20 Yes53 Minute Walk (morning),60 minute walk (evening)YesYes
7 Pounds Lost that I Wont Have to Run with since the Beginning of this Quest

Why Does My Butt Feel Like I Am Dragging Around a Train Filled with Circus Elephants?

Fitness Update-1

I surely did not notice how gargantuan my back side has grown while sitting on the couch over the last few years.  Once I started exercising this week, I quickly noticed that my butt has laid the world’s largest anchor and wherever I go, it drags around behind me displacing anything in its path.  Seriously, I can feel its mass holding be back while I endeavor to propel myself forward.  It’s like my butt knows that with every step, its rotund form will reduce, along with its menacing supremacy.  The influence of the ass does not stop there; it has also formulated a highly turbulent odorous gas, that has increased in secretion since I began to eat healthier and workout.  The whiffs of gaseous toxic vapor are meant to be a surprise occurrence, and normally hit during a pre-training stretch.  These surprise fume attacks are devastating in nature and can often render one lifeless as they lose consciousness from the lack of breathable air.  My body is doing all that it can to stop this healthy life style before it begins, but with fortitude and vigor, I must press on. 

Along with toxic flatulence and cellulite infested anchors, a general pain has festered within my body.  My feet hurt from having to carry an over laden physique.  My muscles twitch and cramp from anxiety and over use and my fat just kind of jingles with glee as it sits there, along for the ride.  Dam you Isaac Newton and your First Law of Motion (Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest), its science working against me. 

My Thought Process on Finding a Long Term Goal

As you reflect upon the memories of yesterday’s triumphs, do you find that these achievements were meticulously planned or spontaneous in nature?  This is a question, that I have been contemplating for some time.  I do not think that a miraculous achievement must be a result of a long-term strategical plan but will venture to say that most self-fulfilled triumphs fall under this category.   An accomplished goal, by its very nature is motivated by a sense of purpose and is powered by conviction and effort.  These fundamental forces formulate a pathway that leads to a successful fulfillment of the ultimate objective.

Less frequent in nature, an achievement may be rendered with little planning and even less strategizing.  Often these acts are based less on internal fortitude but have more to do with impulsive action that leads to heroic pivotal acts that become something more than intended.  These accomplishments may be short sighted in planning but may have profound affects that permeate through history.

This leads to a question that has been perplexing me for some time; is a pre-planned execution of a long-term objective more worthy then a spur-of-the-moment valiant act?  Both are worthy and have their own merits.  Given that I never worked a long-term goal through resolution, I have no authority to even attempt to originate a response.

I reflect on my life lived and find that there have been no real long-term goals achieved by me.  Now this may sound self-loathing in nature but that is not the case.  I have accomplished a ton and proud to be the person I am, but all I have done was accomplished with little to no long-term plan or objective in mind.  I always lived the way I did mostly because I thought it was right thing to be doing at the time.  My life has been filled with adventure, hard work and smiles and for that I am thankful.  Today, I find myself at a cross roads.  I am not yet dead but not fully awake.  I find that I am drifting, but really going nowhere quick.

This has been a long time in the making but I believe that a paradigm shift is needed and now is the time to make it happen. There is a goal I would like to plan on achieving and have a suspicious feeling that if I don’t act now, it soon will be too late.  I would like to complete a marathon.

At age 47, my health has been depleted by lack of exercise, stress and an inherent love of sugar, carbohydrates and red meat.  I resemble a jelly doughnut with pudgy legs and a triple chin.  My respiratory system is overwhelmed by the most minimal of activities.  So, I can truthfully say, that I do not know if this is a realistic goal and having this aim, may not be the best way to start my new “Goal Oriented Life Style”.

So, I guess, I will break down my goal into 3 separate distinct parts:

  • First Run a 5K
  • Second Run/walk a 10K (Run is preferred)
  • Third Run/Walk/Roll in a Marathon (Run is preferred)

My body hurts now walking up the stairs, so I needed to be realistic.  I literally do not know what abuse my body can take.  So, all goals must be realistic, hence the reason why I added walking to the 10K and Walking and Rolling (bike or wheel chair) to the Marathon.  By adding some flexibility to the goal, it provides an uplift that the goal can be achieved in the form of hope.

So, this old Motorcycle Blog, just turned into a Motorcycle/FAT Man Going to Wreck Himself Running a Marathon Blog.  If nothing else, it just may be entertaining.  I will be brutality honest in my posts while highlighting future victories and failures.  The goal will be to at least post once a week which will serve as a self-journal and exploration into the art of pain and failure.  Let the hurt commence.

Im slow


30 Minutes on the Treadmill walking this morning, its a good start for a 259 pound couch potato world champion.