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Better Photo Colorado

I’m back living in Colorado after driving 32 hours straight across country with the exception of a 4 hour nap. It was a trip fueled by memories, dreams, worries, hope and coca cola. It was strange because I did not get sleepy during my thoughtful journey. I forced myself to nap based upon safety concerns more than exhaustion.

I remember back during the invasion of Iraq, we had 4 day long missions where one would be lucky to get 2-3 hours a day worth of shut-eye. No one from my squad complained about the lack of sleep. We just past out when we could and kept pushing forward. The complaints really did not begin until the bullets stopped flying. When life settled down we found ample time to realize we were miserable and than some of us began to travel down that slippery dark spiral of doubt.  Dreams are crushed by doubt, so it must be controlled. Every emotion has its uses but some emotions can be a detriment to soul. We must be cautious in life and doubt can often be a tool that allows us to make rational decisions but when one has a mission or task to accomplish then doubt needs to be eliminated. I have battled doubt and other insecurities my whole life. It is a battle that will only be lost when one gives up. So the trick is to face each challenge head on even if doubt exists basically disregarding the negative influence of the emotion. You can also use ones insecurities to fuel your motivation to become better at the task needing to be achieved. Let it motivate you to greater heights. Doubt will always win if you let it keep you from doing what lies ahead.

I am sitting in the small town of Morrison, CO just west of Denver. There is a creek behind me and I listen to the splendid chorus which puts me a drift in a flotilla of peace. I spent 5 hours just riding my motorcycle today. There was no route nor destination, just the ride. I cannot tell you where I went but I can tell you that I felt thousands of wonderful nervous butterflies as I twisted through the most phenomenal mountain canyons. You don’t know how bad you had it till you ride some of these gorgeous highland roads.

By the end of my 5 hour jaunt, my brain was fried with curvaceous memories of twisting Bliss……………

Better Doubt


Police Motorcycle Stunt Teams, Its the Answer

Stoppies, Keeping Motorcycle Cops Cool Since 1952

Stoppies, Keeping Motorcycle Cops Cool Since 1952

I posted this photo a few days ago because I thought it was rather cool but while eating a bagel, I pondered the photo more in depth. Would it not be radical if a few Police Departments had a Motorcycle Stunt Team? Ok, the idea would seem like a blatant waste of money. Well maybe not. Police Departments combat many issues. High crime rates, bad morale within the department and community relation issues. There are ton of reasons why people distrust the cops and some are valid and some are not. I guess what is important to me, is that the streets are safe. The streets will not be safe if the community does not have a positive relationship with its Police Department. That fact cannot be argued.

So use the Motorcycle Police Stunt Team as a Community Relationship Program. There is nothing that brings the community and police together like having Officer Sgt. Tackleberry jump his Harley through a Ring of Fire. There is no end to the zany antics our Police Officers could do involving their policy department issued cycles. One thought would be “Police Officer Jousting” on bikes. Kind of like combining The Middle Ages with Evil Knievel Motorcycle Depravity.

I’m just saying as a lover of everything motorcycles, I would trust The Police a bunch more if I saw them doing Stoppies, Wheelies and Death Loops every once in a while. It would make the Policy Officer seem more human and yes, more cool. But then again, I have the emotional maturity of a 7-year-old and have never met a motorcycle I did not like. So my judgment may be truly flawed.


Do You Ride Together


With work, the children, church, school activities and sports when do you find time to hang out with your significant other and make time to enjoy your love of riding? Your marriage and family should be your passion but with riding a motorcycle the two sometimes don’t intertwine. I got my first cycle after I was married. My wife did not marry into the riding culture. It was hobby that I picked up afterwards. After I first got my motorcycle, my wife did ride with me on occasion but after our kids were born that activity faded away. I see couples riding all the time and I feel a bit of jealousy that they have a common riding hobby that they can share together. It’s hard because I would much rather ride with my wife then alone but that is not really an option. The same goes for my kids. I would love for my family to share in my passion but given none are able to participate, I feel guilt for leaving them behind. My guilt stems from the fact that my job is 90 percent travel and when I say travel, I mean gone out of state for 30 days at a time. So this issue may be something that is an individual issue for me and my family but I have to assume that others feel the pinch as well. It would be perfect if I could melt my love for my family with my passion of riding. That would be the best viable solution but some solutions are not so easily attained.

In reality what a pitiful issue to write about, there are so many real problems that people deal with every day. I should feel fortunate that I have a healthy family and a wife who supports me and my choice to ride. This is something that countless people do not have. I think my issue may have more to do with the fact that I have a ton of guilt associated with not being around for my family than anything else. Guilt is a heavy burden as well as the sadness associated with missing your children grow and being a part of your family’s life while working far from home. Well we all have our burdens to bear. Supporting my family is something that I feel proud to be able to achieve but unfortunately for now, working involves a ton of travel.

Stoppies, Keeping Motorcycle Cops Cool Since 1952

Stoppies, Keeping Motorcycle Cops Cool Since 1952

Winters End

Spring Harvest

It’s March 31, 2014 and I have just spent the whole morning shoveling 9 inches of snow from the driveway. I live pretty far north but darn it’s not the Yukon. It should be at least 50 degrees and the spring rain should be washing the salt off the roads in preparation of my first riding day.
The snow that dropped today was not the light fluffy stuff, it was the water drenched heavy stuff which has a goal to either blow out your back or to give you a heart attack. Whenever you get that heavy snow, there is always a story on the news about someone’s ticker who called it quits while they endeavored to tackle the heavy white stuff. I call this particular Heavy Snow the “Blubber Snow”. If your cholesterol is high and your idea of exercise is walking to the toilet, then don’t try to shovel your driveway when there is a coat of Blubber Snow. Take my advice, leave it and let it thaw in a few weeks.
Stay warm and safe, spring will come and summer will follow. My thoughts are about riding black rambunctious curvy tarmac.

How To Get Around Your Fear of the Dentist


No One likes the dentist.  Even when you have perfect pearly whites, the trip to the dentist is still uncomfortable.  It’s bad when the dentist whips out the drill to do some enamel fabricating.  The worst in my experience is the tooth extraction, at this point just knock me out.

I feel bad for the dentist and the dental hygienist.  They have a tough job and should get more credit for what they do.  How many people brush their teeth and use mouth wash before their dental exam? It’s a fair question.  How would you like to go to work with someone less than ½ inch from your nose breathing into your face with bad breath?  I can’t deal with my own breath when I wake up in the morning let alone someone else’s halitosis all day long.  It does not stop there.  They have to live in constant phobia of getting one of their fingers bit off by some yahoo with an Oral Reflex Response Disorder or ORRD for short (I just made up this medical condition but I am sure it exists).  It’s all fun and games until some whack job with bad breath bites your index finger off because you touched their tongue.  Life changes when you lose a digit and it’s not for the best.

I have a theory to improve your Dental Experience, at least it works for me.  Have you ever noticed that in life, it’s never about you?  When is the last time you have had all the focus completely on you in a beneficial way?  Think about it, when you are at a restaurant, is your server totally concentrating on you or are they multitasking?  Do your kids pay attention to you during dinner after you cooked the meal and worked 60 hours a week to put food on the table.  Does your cat really care that you’re alive?  If you’re like me, you will find that most of the time, you are not the primary focal point of life.  Here is the good news.  When you go to the dentist, everyone is totally dedicated to the betterment of your mouth.  A dentist or dental hygienists is not worried about random thoughts and ideas when working on your teeth because they are too concerned about your Oral Reflex Response Disorder and don’t want to lose a finger in the mouth betterment process.  They are 100 Percent FOCUSED on your Oral Health.  I say celebrate that truly unique focus, you won’t get it anywhere else.  Yes, the whole situation is uncomfortable and can often be horrifically painful but at least you can say that the whole situation revolved around the betterment of you.  That is a rare situation indeed.


A Story of a Vet


It’s a sunny day in Colorado and my parents are visiting to see their grandson. I am glad to see my mom and dad but I am still getting to know my wife again.  My son is 13 months old and I have only met him a few days ago; were still strangers.  I spent a total of 12 months in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and have not adjusted to civilization yet.  As I Walk down the street, I see working street lights, cars that run, smell wondrous pastries from the bakery.  I start to think to myself, where are the real fragrances like the smell of death, the dead dog corpses, the waning aroma of raw sewage and misery?  I have smelled misery and it’s undeniable.  The slightest whiff of it transports you back to a darker place.  The smell lingers.

The mountains project from the Great Plains in force and look majestic with white sparkling tops on mammoth landscapes.  I am on leave from Ft. Carson.  My father and I decide to head to Coors Brewery for a tour of the facilities.  My dad is fond of beer, so I try to make his day a good one.  Were early for our brewery tour so we go to Starbucks and order him a coffee and I take a hot chocolate.  We take our hot drinks and begin our walk to Coors.

I see a driver in her car waiting at a red light.  The driver is a young mom and seems to be concerned with her infant in the back of the car.  She is rushed and is toiling with her newborn’s safety harness, her baby is crying.  The shriek of the child grows louder as we walk closer.

The light turns green and the women in the car is still working with her infant in the back seat.  She is not paying attention to the green light, the baby screams grow louder.  A Volkswagen bus is the second car back from the lady with the screaming child.  The van driver gets frustrated and starts beeping his horn.  The baby’s cries grow louder.  The horn blows with intensity and the man begins to scream and use violent language, the situation is hot.

The smell lingers.

There is danger and I must act.  I reach for my 9 millimeter, it’s not on my side.  My SAW is nowhere to be found.  I slept with these weapons for a year and now they are gone.  I run towards the Volkswagen bus.  The man in the van continues to beep his horn and to yell, he is a threat.  I have no weapons so I throw the hot chocolate at the van.  The van driver reacts to the assault and curses at me.  I try to drag him out of the van, I see fear in his eyes.  The mom in the car with the child takes off down the road, scared off by the commotion.  The smell of misery dissipates and the van drives away. The child is not crying.  The street lights are working and the smell of misery in the air has vanished.

Two police saw the whole thing while taking a break in Starbucks and I find myself in cuffs on the side of the road.  My dad is lost in confusion and I am sitting on a curb on a busy city street, no longer in the sand box.  One of the police officers was a Vietnam Veteran and after confirming who I was and where I have been, took pity on me and let me go with a warning.  In reality I should have been arrested.

This all went down in a matter of 4 minutes on the main drag in Golden, Colorado.  It’s when I realized that I came back a different person.

Life experiences change us.  Do we embrace the change, bottle up the change, suppress the change, or assimilate to the change.  How we react to the transformation is the difference maker.  There is no easy path back from a burdened soul but there is a way!!!  We can only find that path while moving forward one step at a time.  Keep the faith, never stop the good fight and walk, crawl and drag yourself forward out from the shadows.



Do you ever just feel like your acting to much like an adult?


I have been dwelling upon my life and feel that I need to regress about 20 years. It seems like I spend my whole life at work and have an acute shortage of  fun. Hopefully I am not going through another mid-life crisis because this would be the 4th one in the last 15 years.

It’s been about 4 months since I have been out on my cycle with the exception of a 10 mile ride last Friday.  I was desperate, so took my FJR out with 2 feet of snow on the ground in freezing conditions.  My back tire slipped out on me once which was a scary moment but I recovered.

During the middle of winter, I always get a bit on edge.  There really is something about Cabin Fever that is real to me.  The only thing we can do is get some good exercise, stay warm and get our bikes ready for spring.  Here is to warm weather just beyond the horizon.  Even if you can’t ride, get out there and find some fun.


Army Bobber


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